Earthquake activity in France and Iceland

This is an collection post of events that I have been taking place while I was travelling to Denmark. This is just an short update. Not going into great details on what has been happening.


On 26. February 2012 at 22:37 UTC there was an earthquake with the size of ML4.8 in south France. This earthquake had the depth of 2 km. This earthquake was widely felt in France, Monaco and in nearby Italy according to EMSC reports. More details on this earthquake can be found here, on EMSC web page. Several aftershock have taken place since this earthquake and earthquake activity is still ongoing it seems. But it is mostly small earthquakes that are now taking place so far.


There has been some earthquake activity in Katla volcano. This activity is not outside the normal range of what has been going on in past few weeks. Some activity has also been continued in Hengill volcano. But that is due to water pumping down, as has been the story since this activity started last year. Other then this activity, it has been generally quiet in Iceland.

I am most likely missing some activity. But reports of activity that I am missing can be reported in the comments section. This is just an short update. I am hoping for an better update tomorrow on what is going on in terms of activity.


Good news on the glasses. I can pay them little by over period of months. But that might be an good way (even if I do not like it) to buy the glasses. As the cost is going to be around 4000 DKK for the whole thing. But that is the glasses frame and the glass in them. I do not have the money to pay for them all at once at current time. But glasses are an high priority for me, as I need them to see the world around me.