A Mw6.8 earthquake in Siberia, Russia

At 06:17 UTC this morning (26.02.2012) there was an earthquake with the size of Mw6.8 in Siberia, Russia. The depth of this earthquake was registered at 10 km. But it might be more or less when the data gets properly reviewed. Given the location of this earthquake to villages in this area, I am expecting some damage to be reported. How much and how excessive is hard to know at current time. This earthquake was also not far from the border with Mongolia. But I have not seen any reports of how it was felt there, or if there was any damage in that area following this earthquake.

The intensity map of the earthquake according to EMSC data. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

The regional view of this earthquake. The borders with Mongolia are marked with black. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

Local view of the earthquake. There are several small villages close to the epicenter of this earthquake. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

There is continued aftershock activity after this earthquake, the largest aftershock so far has had the size Mb5.3. More information about this earthquake can be found on EMSC web site here. USGS information about this earthquake can be found here.

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    1. May not have been the weather; it could have been the surface waves following the mb 4.7, SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA, 2012-02-26 19:59:31.0 UTC, 51.64 N ; 95.93 E, 10 km.

  1. Hi Jon, and everyone. Sorry about being away so much lately. I’ve been reading and following eveything people have been writing, I just hate writing comments with my phone. While I’ve been gone, I’ve actually gotten to buy my first home, and moved in there. Today is my first day with internet connection, and new computer, so I promise that I am gonna write much more often. I stay loyal to this blog, even though I look in on Carl’s one now and again.

    I’ve actually come to the conclusion that I like what Jon writes, cause he writes it so easy and understanding. And as soon as something happens, we are sure to know through this blog.

    When that’s said, I wanna know what the heck is going on with Katla. I find it really interesting, the harmonic tremors, the ongoing eq-activity, and the harmonic tremor spikes. What I don’t quite understand, is why there are no swarms?!Like it was last summer. Is it because of the ice and snow? Hope someone can clear that up for me.


    1. Congratulation on your new home! Thanks for good words.

      I am not sure what is going in Katla volcano. Besides that it is preparing for an eruption. But the spikes and all that seems to be an part of that progress. Why and how that is I do not know.

    2. Katla usually has much more activity in summer time by still not so clear reasons. In winter it tends to be calmer. Also most eruptions tend to occur in summer or autumn, but not always. Right now, Katla seems to be on the run up to a larger eruption, but when is a difficult question, it could be within months, or it could be a few years ahead.

      I think most activity in summer is due to probably the ice melting. I don’t think that it is the less ice pressure. The glacier is 700 meters thick, if ice melts in summer, it is just on its top, a couple of meters. Deep below, the ice is very compact. But it could be that some water leaks to the bottom of the volcano and this might trigger more activity from the volcano. Well, I really don’t know why Katla erupts, or even has a seasonal pattern of earthquake activity, bigger on the summer and autumn.

      1. Thanks, both of you. And you kinda answeredmy next question aswell there – cause I was really wondering if these are signs of a big eruption.

        When thats said, I’m really wondering if the amount of pressure from the ice this year is a littlebit weaker then previous years aswell, since we had quite an easy, warm winter. And that may cause some kinda change in Katla’s “routine”?! I understand that its really hard to know for sure what kinda things that effects or trigger a volcano, but if you think pure logic, I fell Im really on to something. And I know all of you say that she WILL create loads of heavy quakes before she erupts, but I think she will suprise the muffin out of us. I think that it will happen with some kinda warning a few days before, but since she’s been so unstable the last year, I don’t think we are gonna look much into it, and then BOOOM.

        BUT there are many theories, and she might as well go back to sleep for another 100 years, but I really hope I will see an eruption from her – Not to be misunderstood,I don’t want people to suffer, but science wise, I think they would learn alot from it.

    1. In a line like that it is probably tectonic – the two side of Iceland pulling apart,

    1. Don’t know – could be ice on the antenna melting or could be wind damage to it but it also could possibly be real.

  2. Fair enough… I’m going to be keeping an eye on that to see if it continues. If it is real, it’s pretty dramatic.

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