Late website news for February 2012

I am sorry for this late website news for February 2012. But this delay has happened because there is not a lot to report on web site matters at the moment. Both January and February have been slow in terms of traffic on this website. This is mostly because nothing of interest has been happening in Iceland in few weeks.

Name change in January

This blog did go trough an second name change in January 2012. The reason for that name change was that I wanted to cover more areas of the world. Not just Iceland and Canary Islands. I do however have my focus points in my coverage. I mostly cover Iceland and Europe. Rest of the world comes last and I might not cover it in real time. So delayed reports of events that take place in the world might happen on this blog. Since information on what is happening in other place of the world might take an long time to reach me.

Going broke again

With less traffic it means less income from ads and all that. This also means that I am going broke when I start to rent again an apartment in Denmark and paying all those bills. On the bright side I am now debt free with the bank in terms of overdraft. So things are going to be bit easier on me then before in this terms (it is good not have to pay off any debt). But this is not going to be easy I believe. Besides ads, donations are the only other thing that helps me (I do get social welfare due to my disability, but I have a Aspergers syndrome). I am just happy when the ads pay for the hosting cost of this blog. But that cost is around 800 DKK every month. Most of the ads cover that cost, but nothing more in terms of extra money for me at the moment. But this depends on traffic, so high traffic months are better for me then low traffic months in terms of income. But this is all depenend of the whims of Iceland, Europe and other parts of the world in terms of what is happening.

Moving to Denmark

There is now an good chance that I move back to Denmark in April 2012. When exactly I do not know at this time. But there is an good chance that I get an apartment soon in Denmark. So all my life reading and high resolution data of earthquakes and other events is due to return after I have moved and connected back to the internet with ADSL connection. While I am moving there might be an brake in updates. But I am going to do my best on keeping this blogs updated properly if anything interesting happens in Iceland specially.

Blog post updated at 15:25 UTC on 22.02.2012. Fixed year error. Some part of me still thinks it is the year 2011.