A ML3.3 earthquake in Tenerife volcano

Today at 13:28 UTC there was an ML3.3 earthquake in Tenerife volcano. The depth of this earthquake was at 31 km depth. But I do not know if this earthquake was felt, so far nothing suggests it. But this is was just an minor earthquake on the earthquake scale.

The location of this earthquake according to IGN. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN.

The regional view of the earthquake from EMSC. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

The local view of this earthquake according to EMSC. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

It is normal for volcanoes to earthquakes at times, even when they are dormant. So I do not believe this earthquake means anything special for the Tenerife volcano. More details on this earthquakes can be found on EMSC web site here.

All quiet in Iceland volcanoes and earthquakes

Currently everything is quiet in Iceland. Most of this quietness is mostly due the winter storms that are passing over Iceland at the moment. When this changes I have no idea. But there are always several weeks during the year that are quiet in Iceland, both in activity in volcanoes and earthquakes.

This is the reason why I have not had so much to write about during the past few days and weeks. But it can’t be helped. Activity in the world also seems to be rather quiet, there are always earthquakes but most of them are small.

I also advice any tourist going to Iceland this time of year NOT to go up on volcanoes during the winter without experienced mountain travel guide. If you do that without an guide you are risking your own life, as the weather in Iceland is unforgiving and has killed people in matters of hours. The people in the news on Rúv got really, really lucky. The where just cold and where saved by rescue teams.

Icelandic News about people how got stuck on cliffs on Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Use Google Translate to understand.

Í sjálfheldu á Eyjafjallajökli (Rúv.is)