Earthquake swarm in Katla volcano, earthquake in Hekla volcano

Tonight at 21:13 UTC there was an earthquake with the size of ML1.2, it had the depth of 0.1 km. But that is about 100 meters. This is the second earthquake in Hekla volcano during that past three weeks (almost an month since last earthquake did happen in Hekla volcano). So far nothing more has happened. But that might change without warning.

The earthquake in Hekla volcano. It is the red dot in Hekla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to IMO.

Katla volcano

Today at 16:04 to 16:27 UTC there was an minor earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. The largest earthquake had the size of ML2.6, with the depth of 1.4 km. Like before this earthquake swarm was because of an dike intrusion into Katla volcano caldera. But this suggests that the unrest that started in Katla volcano in July 2011 is not over. But for the moment it continues at lower rate then before. But that might also change without warning at any time.

The earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. The earthquake in Hekla volcano can also be clearly seen on it. Copyright of this picture belongs to IMO.

It is impossible to know for sure what is going to happen next in both of this volcano. But it is clearly worth watching what is going on. The earthquake in Hekla volcano can clearly be seen on my Heklubyggð geophone, as it forms an clear spike on it, the web site can be found here. Same does the largest earthquake from Katla volcano earlier today.

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  1. There is really bad weather here at the moment. I think minor earthquakes will be lost in wind noise.

    This passing storm in South Iceland is quite strong at the moment, but later in the night it will calm down. If Hekla erupts, I wouldn’t be able to see, due to the bad weather.

  2. what is going on at Tjornes? The swarm seems to be going on rather a long time. Is there an undersea eruption taking place?

  3. Today I can see some big steam coming out from the Hengill (at the drillhole). I live some 20km east of Hengill.

    I think they were pumping water again today (most likely). So, I would say tonight or tomorrow, a new earthquake swarm at Hengill is likely to happen. But I can be wrong.

  4. Does anyone know the patterns of activity at Katla and Tjornes for previous winters?

    Jon – the quality of the data from Tjornes seems pretty high, how accurate do you think the locations are, as it looks a pretty tight group. I see there is no harmonics, but activity has been fairly high and seemed to kick in after the activity off Reykjanes peninsula – North and South ends of the sea fault joining the land mass.

    My attention is still focused very much on Mýrdalsjökull, but there seems to be a picture emerging of fault activity?

    1. You can always check IMO database here, if you are looking for data on older activity.

      As for TFZ. There are at least two volcanoes on TFZ, if I am reading IMO maps correctly. Earthquake activity is taking place in the second one according to IMO maps. But this area is in general high in earthquake activity. GVP has data on at least one of them here,

      You can see the reviewed and automatic data from IMO on this web page here,

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