Earthquake with the size of ML4.2 in Switzerland on 11. February 2012

At 22:45 UTC in Switzerland and earthquake was felt, information from EMSC on this earthquake can be found here. The size of this earthquake was ML4.2 with the depth of 32 km. This was an tectonic earthquake, as Italy continues to push up into Europe plate. Earthquakes are frequent in this area, on both sides of the Alps. This is not the strongest earthquake that can happen in this area.

The locations of where the earthquake was felt and how strongly it was felt. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC-CSEM.

It is also important factor that most of the crust in this area is old, so it carries seismic waves better then young crust. This happens because older crust is more insulated with dirt and sediment that has been collected over time period of million of years.

Here is the regional view of where the earthquake took place. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC-CSEM.

Here is the local view of the earthquake. Due to how close it was to many small towns, it was well felt there. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC-CSEM.

From best to my knowledge, no aftershocks have taken place after this earthquake. But they might happen in several weeks to months time, if they do so to start with.

12 Replies to “Earthquake with the size of ML4.2 in Switzerland on 11. February 2012”

  1. This looks like an normal earthquake. But it impossible to know until later if this was an foreshock or not. I do not have the data to tell if it is an foreshock or not.

  2. I’m live In Switzerland, but i don’t fell it because i’m too far.

    I’m live in Sion in the Southwestern.

  3. I’m living in Winterthur, see third map. Shaking was not so
    strong and short. The noise was the strange thing, a very loud
    “bang”. Like a train passing by and suddenly smash in your house.
    Could have been worse, Switzerland is not used to such eearth-

    1. I was on holiday in Brig in Vallis and felt the earthquake. As reported above, it was a very short event and seemed to be accompanied by a bang rather than rattling or shaking.

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