New hot springs in Greenland after an earthquake (swarm?)

While hot springs are in few areas of Greenland. They are not common and not as hot as those in Iceland. I do not know a lot about the details of geology of Greenland. So I am unsure on the details why there are hot springs in Greenland to start with. But this news is even more interesting for that exact reason.

According to the Greeland Radio new hot springs opened up in the village of Kangersuatsiaq of the west coast of Greenland. After an what appears to be swarm of earthquakes, with the largest one somewhere around ML2.9 to ML3.? (enough to sake people pictures on the wall). A new hot springs did open up following this earthquakes. The water seems to be around 20C to up 36C. It might be warmer, as details on this are few and little.

Best to my knowledge there is no known volcanoes in this area and have not been in the past ~65 million years or longer.

News about this in Danish and Icelandic.

Flere varme kilder i Kangersuatsiaq (
Jordskælv ved Kangersuatsiaq (
Vorlykt við glænýja grænlenska hveri (Rú

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  1. You don’t need volcanism for hot springs. For example, Hot Springs, Arkansas has hot springs, but is no where near any volcanoes that have erupted in the past few million years. In the Arkansas example, ancient folds in the crust cause rock layers that elsewhere are deeply buried to be exposed. Groundwater from deep in the crust moves up along the bottom edge of this layer up to a point where the layer is eroded away. At this point, it pours forth as hot springs. Thus, it carries heat from deep in the crust up to the surface. The springs in Arkansas are about 62C, much warmer than the Greenland springs.

  2. Apparently some scientists from Ohio State University aren’t ruling out that a volcano could be the reason why a new hot spring was found back in NE Greenland back in 2007, but speculated against it.

    But it should be noted that that was in north-east Greenland, these new ones are in west Greenland

  3. translation of article from feb. 1st 2011 from the website of KNR (Greenland Radio)
    by Noah Mølgaard


    As late as today the locals of Kangersuatsiaq have found 3 more hot springs that they have not seen before.

    It is still a mystery how hot springs have materialized in Kangersuatsiaq. The Grass is green by the hot springs, although the temperature is below minus 20 Celcius in the Upernavik area

    KNR brought the story of the new hot springs last monday. There are 3 hot springs in the village itself. A source tells KNR that the steaming hot springs are as warm as a warm radiator

    One of the elderly citizens of the village, Vilhelm Christiansen, who spent most of his 71 years here, has never seen anything like this.

    And now the locals of Kangersuatsiaq have found further 3 hot springs, which brings the total number to 6.

    “The 3 new hot springs which we found today are situated approx. 94,5 meters above sea level, and are emitting steam as by the other hot springs” says teacher Suulut Kristiansen from Kangersuatsiaq, who also took photos of the hot springs yesterday.

    the Geological survey of Greenland and Denmark (GEUS) is now looking into the matter.

    The Locals of Kangersuatsiaq tell KNR that they have felt earthquakes earlier, where pictures on the walls have shaken visibly.

  4. I did come across an article stating that some time in 2006, there was a small submarine eruption off of Greenland. There were a sequence of pictures of a supposed eruption in 2006, but no other data was given. The mose volcanic area of Greenland (with recognizable features) is the Nussaw basin on the South West Coast.

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