Skeiðflöt geophone is up and running

Today I started the geophone at the farm Skeiðflöt. It is just south of Katla volcano. Some setup spikes are on the webicorder plot at the moment. But they should be clear off in the next 24 hours.

Currently there is bad weather in the area and it seems to show on the geophone at Skeiðflöt. But this new geophone adds to the sensitivity of my network and allows me to see earthquakes down to ML0.0 in good weather taking place in Katla volcano. But all large earthquakes should appear on this geophone regardless of most weather conditions outside. This geophone also increases my chances of seeing earthquakes in Eyjafjallajökull volcano if any take place to start with (it has been quiet after the eruption in the year 2010).

All my currently online geophones can be viewed online here. The webicorders are updated every 5 min.