Etna volcano prepares for new eruption

According to web cam images and images on the internet of Etna volcano. It seems that Etna volcano is preparing for an new small eruption. When and how big this eruption is going to be is impossible to know for sure. But ash emission have already started in the crater that is most likley going to erupt.

I am going to update this blog post with more details if I can get them.

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  1. NewEarthquakeEarthquakes Tsunamis
    4.5 earthquake, Dodecanese Islands, Greece. Jan 28 12:50pm at epicenter (12m ago, 87km N of Iraklion, depth 10km).

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    1. It means, as far as I can tell, that there are two possible sources of gas and volcanic fluids in the El Golfo area.

      Seems to be to the north of Sabinosa and to the N (may be NE) of Frontera.

      The article does not give any more information. It means that I really did see small activity on the webcams but I had attributed this to the light conditions and camera quality so no screen shots.

      1. KarenZ, this morning there was activity on the cams, RenatoRio posted a screenshot of a steamy lava buoy at Erik’s Blog.
        The gas emissions in El Golfo are of an earlier date, these have been discussed here previously, after these ‘possible gas vents’ had been detected by the Ramón Margalef on one of its earliest missions. Before that, there already was speculation about gas vents in that area, but no official statements came out until much later.

      2. Sorry – didn’t give the date. I meant a few days ago; sometime late last week or earlier this week.

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