A Mw5.3 earthquake in Crete, Greece


At 01:33 UTC there was an Mw5.3 earthquake in Crete, Greece according to EMSC. The depth of this earthquake was 13 km according to EMSC. Size, depth and location might change when this earthquake is reviewed. This earthquake appears to be an aftershock of an Mw5.3 earthquake that took place last night yesterday. Following this earthquake there have been more aftershocks in the same area. The largest earthquake being ML3.6 in size according to EMSC. An unrelated earthquake with the size of ML3.9 took place in Greece few moments after the Mw5.3 earthquake.

The regional location of the earthquake according to EMSC. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

Local view of the earthquake according to EMSC. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

More earthquake activity should be expected in this area in my view. But how and where is close to impossible to know for sure. More aftershock activity should also be expected in next few hours to days.

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  1. This is the second earthquake that we have experienced on the Island of Crete in the last 24 hrs. No warnings or advice has been issued. Are we to expect that there will be more to come and should we be worried?

  2. From what their geologists and volcanologists say, these quakes occurred on the Santorini fault, and they expect this COULD (not for sure) disrupt the Thera caldera. Given the history they expect that the fault is in motion currently and we could expect a lot of seismic activity, and they’re now monitoring Santorini very close.

  3. NewEarthquakeEarthquakes Tsunamis
    4.7 earthquake, Dodecanese Islands, Greece. Jan 27 9:06pm at epicenter (2h:07m ago, 86km N of Iraklion, depth 27km). http://j.mp/wVGgVV

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