A ML4.2 earthquake in north Italy

According to EMSC there has been a ML4.2 earthquake in north Italy at 23:54 UTC on 24.01.2012. This earthquake appears to be located close to populated areas. I do not yet know if there has been any damage due to this earthquake. But if houses in the area are poorly built, there might be some light damage. It is hard to know for sure if this is an pre-earthquake or just one earthquake. There have already been some minor aftershocks already. But so far none of them have been larger then ML2.1.

The regional area where the earthquake took place. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

Local area where the earthquake took place. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

I am going to update this blog post if anything more happens in Italy where this earthquake took place.

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  1. Interesting. I’m living just across the northern edge of the alpes. Of cause it is too far away to feel it but lets see if it’s going to shake here too some time.

  2. It seems that I need new glasses. Something that I so cannot afford now. As I am trying to save money before I move back to Denmark. I am going to buy new glasses when I go back to Denmark to register for an apartment (0n the 27th February)

    But until then I have to beg for donations for new glasses. I do not think that they are going to cost more then 2000 DKK or less. I do not know the general price of glasses in Denmark. But they are cheaper there then in Iceland.

    Thanks for the support! 🙂

    1. Aren’t glasses covered or subsidiced by health insurance in Iceland?

      And for the news: Thanks for the info about the quake in Italy, the location is only about 100km away from where I’m living, sadly i didn’t feel/felt? it.

      A question to native english speakers: which one is the correct form to use in the sentence?

      I feel (now)
      I have felt? (past)
      I’ll/I will feel? (future)
      I’ll/I will have felt? (future II)

      1. Stefan,
        “I didn’t feel it” is correct.
        It’s one of “those” verbs that’s partly irregular with tenses.
        You can add “I am feeling” to the present tense. “I felt” to the past tense. “I am to feel,” to feel in the future tense.

        Sorry, English can be maddening to any non-speaker. Luckily one can mangle the language quite badly before it becomes impossible to understand.

        I know. I try … frequently.

      2. No. Glasses are not covered. Even if people need them as I do. For that reason I have left off buying new glasses for the past several years because I have been unable to afford them. As glasses are expensive in Iceland.

        I do not know how it is in Denmark. But I do not have any right of health coverage in Denmark until I move back. But that is going to happen after several months.

  3. From a friend: This was felt widely in Verona, and in some cases even in Milan.

  4. Just had some aftershocks here in Vicenza, Italy around 0915 local time on , shook the tv and recliner. No expert so I have no idea of the magnitude of that.

  5. The quake this morning was felt by people in Parma. We had a Telco with them and they stopped and left the offices… Hope that
    there are no bigger problems or people hurt

  6. Some interesting updates of Icelandic volcanoes:
    GPS movements in Katla has becoming larger in recent weeks, despite less earthquakes

    Saubaer station near Hekla shows strange peaks, maybe undetected microquakes

    Hamarinn continues its usual pattern of what seems harmonic tremor once in a while
    The inflation in Hamarinn has been going on for several years
    Jojulheimar (nearby) even records higher inflation
    I think Hamarinn is a good candidate for a good sized eruption in the future.

    1. Station SAU may be on the SISZ side, not on Hekla system itself. Hence, I’d not trust it too much. HAU is much closer to Hekla, I do follow that.

  7. Just see this: Alaska is active again:

    Report of ash explosions or ash plumes

    VONA/KVERT-Project: Karymsky (1000-13) 20120123/2231Z

    Issued: 20120123/2231Z
    Volcano: Karymsky (1000-13)
    Aviation Color Code: Orange
    Source: KVERT
    Notice number: 2012/4
    Volcano Location: 54.049N 159.443E
    Area: Kamchatka, Russia
    Summit Elevation (meters/feet): 1486 m/4875 ft
    Height of ash plume (feet/km) ASL and how determined: 0 ft/ km – unknown
    Distance of ash plume from the volcano (mi/km): 43.51 mi/70 km
    Direction of ash plume or ash cloud drift from the volcano: North-West
    Start time of explosion and how determined: /Z – unknown
    Time and method of observation: 20120123/2231Z – NOAA 16 (4m5)
    Duration of eruption (or indicate eruption is continuing): eruption is continuing

    Narrow gas-steam plume
    Next Notice: A new VONA will be issued if conditions change significantly.

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