Reminder about the volcano and earthquake forum

Besides running this blog and two other blogs. I also have an volcano and earthquake forum. In there it is possible to share pictures, graphs and other useful volcano and earthquake stuff. There also an option for an good off-topic chat. I also offer an online chat for those how are interested in such things.

When I did change then name of this blog. I also changed the name of the forum. So they are now aligned in terms of names. The forum is now called Jón Frímann volcano and earthquake forum.

I hope to see as many people as possible there. 🙂

2 Replies to “Reminder about the volcano and earthquake forum”

  1. Hi Jon, I feel it is too much to keep track of – I only have limited time to access blogs and the web in general. It was better when everything happened in the one place – here. By the way, users icons are hiding their names (at least in my browser) and so it is difficult sometimes to see who is posting.

    I still check out the blog here though and must thank you for your interesting topics.

    1. It does that to me too(IE9)
      And I enjoy very much reading your blog Jon, and reguarily chec the forum also as it’s easier to find new comments there,
      than in the blog. I hope the forum will be more active in the future as now there is more to discuss after expansion to cover
      more volcanoes

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