Earthquake(s) in Hekla volcano

At 17:53 UTC there where two (or one) earthquake(s) in Hekla volcano. They where in the main volcano it self. The size of this earthquakes where ML06 and ML0.7, the depth was 2.5 km and 0.7 km. I am unsure what this means. But there is an slight possibly that an eruption might be under way. But at the moment no eruption has started so far. So only thing that can be done is to wait and see what happens next.

The earthquake in Hekla volcano at 17:53 UTC. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

All that can be done for the moment is wait and see what happens. As so far this is the only earthquake in Hekla volcano. But that can change without warning at any time. I am going to monitor this as best I can this evening. But I am going to be away part of the evening and not close to any internet connection.

Update 1: An second earthquake did happen in Hekla volcano system during this morning. Its size was ML0.8 with the depth of 2.2 km. Other earthquakes that have happened also have been corrected. But the size of those earthquakes where ML1.0 at 0.1 km depth and ML0.7 at 8.3 km depth. Two of this earthquakes (ML0.8 and ML0.7) where not in Hekla volcano it self. But inside Hekla volcano system at good distance from the mountain it self.

Hekla volcano system earthquake during the past 48 hours. Small earthquakes have been taking place in the south end of Hekla volcano system (north of Hvolsvöllur village) for several months now. What this means I have no idea. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

Blog post updated at 18:41 UTC on 22.01.2012.

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  1. Curiously today I saw a cloud hanging over the southern slope of Hekla over the entire day, while its top and the surrounding was completely clear (the top also had plenty of snow). That area was also the area which was the warmest ground when I hiked it last summer. I only say this because have referred to this warmest areas just before previous eruptions.

    But I think an eruptions takes at least several earthquakes before it. Only 1 to 2 hours before, which is very short notice.

  2. Jon, could you explain me one of my doubts: when I see those “shakes” in your Hekla helicorder, are they earthquakes or just background noise as well? How do you recognize an earthquake there?

    At least in Eyrabakki helicorder it’s a lot of wind, ocean waves and cars noise.

    Last point: last hours in Saurbaer station there was what seemed to be 3 episodes of tremor. I have been following this station (and also Haukadalur) for last months and I never saw anything like these 3 peaks. But I am not sure, because it does not make sense to see tremor there while you nothing shows up at Haukadalur, which is closer to Hekla.

    1. Earthquakes have different pattern the noise. Most of the earthquakes have sharp starting line and slow line when it fades out. Noise normally has mono type of waves. it starts sharp and end sharp. That is the best way to see the human noise, most of it anyway.

      Then there is noise from cars, wind and other things. All having it’s own signature, but still different then earthquake signal.

  3. I am also watching closely tonight. The web Cam was very clear but now apparently cloud has made it dark and I see nothing !!
    I will monitor it closely for the rest of the evening though.
    Strain is showing some sharp peaking but nothing too dramatic. Hekla is moving somewhat away from her usual straight line. I think when eruption happens there will be no doubt, those lines will change dramatically.
    Irpsit Sauber does look odd though there seems to be some technical malfunction between those peaks but that could be due to sudden quake movement.
    As Jon say we can do nothing but wait!
    I have my cam picture capture program at the ready ,just in case 😀

  4. Gargh!

    Just now every strain- and tremormeter went offline on IMO’s page (for me atleast)…. I only get a “service temporary unavailable”-message all over…

  5. I did not see this until now. But at the south end of the Hekla volcano system there was an small earthquake with the size of ML0.7 with the depth of 8.3 km. It is interesting this earthquakes that have been taking place in that area over the past few years to recent weeks.

  6. I am not sure if is going somewhere with Hekla. So far, there was only one earthquake in Hekla, the other this morning was close in Vatnfjoll system. The interesting thing is that Saubaer is recording some strange tremor peaks since 2-3 days, or it seems that.

  7. Interesting earthquakes in Langjokull (near Hveravellir caldera) and north of Torfajokull, probably related to the extreme end of Veidivotn fissure, which erupted in 1477.

    1. And we have a small spike, probably tremor, in Skrokkalda station. Seems latest earthquake near Landmannalaugar could have been a dike intrusion along Bardarbunga fissure system, no?

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