Name change at 21:00 UTC on 18. January 2012

I have made up my mind on how to deal with current identity crises on this blog. It seems that most people want to see this blog called “Jón Frímann earthquake and volcano blog” (or in that direction. This is similar to the name that my other blog has). At least that is what I read from the comments here. I normally make this type of changes in the beginning of the month. But I am going to make an exception this time around. The change is going to happen at 21:00 UTC on 18. January 2012. At the same time the forum is going to change about name. It is going to be called Jón Frímann Volcano and earthquake forum (in accordance with the blog, since they are connected).

The focus areas

While this move allows me to cover all the world. My focus areas are going to be Iceland and Europe on this blog. But I am mostly going to cover Iceland activity, volcanoes and earthquakes. Same goes for the forum. Its main focus is going to be Iceland and Europe. No major changes are going to take place there right away. Besides the name change. The reason for different focus areas is because of the difference in activity

If people have any other suggestion or issue with this idea. Please let me know in time. Thanks.

I am also sorry for this issue that showed it self. I do this because I was not happy with the name, and I also read almost everything about volcanoes everywhere in the world. I also feel that Europe activity is not getting good enough coverage as Iceland once was (that allows for all manners of wrong information to be put forward). Before I started to write about it. I also want to evolve this blog and its subject. I find that to be important thing to do with my work on the internet.

Blog post updated at 18:31 UTC on 18.01.2012.

6 Replies to “Name change at 21:00 UTC on 18. January 2012”

  1. Wow, thats fast! I’m looking forward to interesting topics at your blog. The name change is good and i think you will do your work very carefully and seriously like you have done over the time.
    Personally I’m focused on Iceland and volcanoes. I follow a few blogs, but as great my interest is , my time and brain capacity, does not allow me more than pursuing (and trying to understand what i see 🙂 ) the seismographs in Iceland and from Etna.
    But I’m happy if someone shows me interesting developments elsewhere.

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