Should I expand the coverage of this blog to whole of Europe ?

In the beginning of the new year I changed the name of this blog to include the area that I now cover with this blog. I added Spain and Canary Islands to it. But many people have been asking since I started this blog if I covered events that take place in Europe, as well as Iceland. I have not done so yet. But that might be about to change, if I get a positive feedback from this blog post. I would also change the forum to cover the whole of Europe. How exactly (there are many countries in Europe) I am not sure yet. But I am working in ideas how to deal with it already.

If I expand this blog to whole of Europe it means a lot more work for me. But that also mean that I cannot cover every single small event that happens in Europe. But I would do my best to cover all the major events as they take place. But this change would mean that I would cover whole of Europe as one area. It would not be country special as such. I would name the country with the location in Categories tags.

There are benefits as drawbacks to expanding this blog to whole of Europe. I get more to write about, as dead times in Iceland, Spain and Canary Islands can be covered with other events taking place in Europe. The drawback is that I do not know every fault line, or volcano in Europe. So it might take me a while until I know about all the other volcanoes in Europe. But I can learn about those volcanoes like any other volcano on the planet Earth. This however does not change the fact that I know more about earthquake and volcano activity in Iceland then in other parts of Europe. As I have been watching and studying the activity in Iceland for a lot longer time then I have been watching the activity in Europe. But I have been watching earthquake activity in Europe and around the world for about 14 years now. It is also added benefits of expanding this blog is that I should get more revenue from advertisements. As I should get more traffic then when I am just covering Iceland, Spain and Canary Islands. But donations are often not enough to cover my costs (+other things) of running this blog and my other web pages. This is just the way that is I guess.

It is different how I report earthquake activity in Iceland. For instance. I am not always writing about small earthquake activity that always takes place in many places. Doing so would be waste of my time. Same goes for Spain and Canary Island, where I now report only events that are worth reporting.

It is also an important factor in all this that from this year I am going to move back to Denmark. But I already cover earthquakes that take place there when they happen (every 2 to 10 years) since I have moved to Denmark once before. I want to expand on that to all of Europe. For the reasons I mention above. But I wanted to hear from my readers if this is an good idea or not for me to do. Even if I sometimes think that might be an good idea. Sometimes it turns out that the idea that I had was not.

I am unsure on the name change date if I go trough with this plan. But I would not change it in the middle of the month. I would change it in the beginning of the month. So I have this date to choose from. 1 February, 1 March, 1 April, 1 May, 1 June, 1 July (the latest date that I want to use).

The area that I already cover to date.

Iceland, Jan Mayen (Norway), Spain, Canary Island, Denmark

So please let me know what you think about this in comments.