Website news for January 2012

Here are the web site news for January 2012. This is the first web site news on this blog after the name change.

Name of this blog has changed

On the 1st January 2012 this blog changed about name. It did go from being Iceland volcano and earthquake blog to Iceland, Spain and Canary Island earthquake and volcano blog. This name change had been announced in the beginning of December. I now cover what happens in Iceland, Spain and Canary Islands with best efforts. Currently I do not understand Spanish, so that might be a bit of an problem when it comes to understanding what officials are saying if an eruption or an earthquake happens in Spain or Canary Islands. But in any case I am going to do my best interpretative the data that I have access to.


As I did say in December. My main income of this blog is from advertisements and donations. Due to my plans on moving to Denmark. I have to make a little shift in my personal economic setup until I am back to Denmark. But I have been transferring money from my social welfare to my danish bank account to pay for the cost of this web site and my danish phone number (I want to keep that number). From January February 2012 I am going to stop doing that until I move back to Denmark (at least, I am going to try to do so). But that should work I hope, if it does not. Then I have to resume sending money to Denmark to pay the bills there. The reasons for this is that I want to save as much money that I can before I move back to Denmark. For that reason I am going to be more depended on donations to keep things afloat for me. As being poor is not cheap at all. The cost of running the web hosting has also increased from $14 to $145 during the month (about 800 DKK with current exchange rates). But I had move this blog to an dedicated server as the traffic had gotten too high for the shared hosting plan that I was on before. But traffic on slow day is around 3000 to 4000 page loads. It gets up to 30.000 page loads or more if something is going on in Iceland. I do not yet have any idea on how traffic is going if something happens in Spain or Canary Island. But that is going to become clear one day.

As I say here above. I am currently trying to save for the moving cost to Denmark. But that puts strain on my other financial parts as I have limited income at the current moment. But I am on social welfare and that is fixed income, as I have written about before here on this blog. Donations also help me to maintain the hardware that I run in connection with my geophone network.

Geophone network

In January 2012 I am going to fish expanding my geophone network for the time being. But I am going start the geophone at farm Skeiðflöt. But that farm is located just south of Katla volcano. That that is going to give me really good overview of what is happening in Katla volcano. However, the geophone station at Skeiðflöt has been a bit more expensive that I did originally plan. As I have to buy lcd screen, keyboard, mouse, wireless network hardware and few cables. The extra cost is about 28050 ISK, 1.313,58 DKK, 176,72€, 228,61$, 147,54 GBP. This is not an cost that I like (I am trying to save money, as I planning on moving to Denmark). But I have already bought the computer that did cost 25.000 ISK, 1.170,75 DKK, 157,50€, 203,75$, 131,50 GBP, for the Skeiðflöt geophone station. So any donations to cover this cost are welcomed. But the geophone station is important because it is located close to Katla volcano and is hopefully going to give good information about the activity in Katla volcano, earthquakes and harmonic tremors. That is why I am doing my best to setup this geophone station soon as possible. As Katla volcano might erupt sooner rather then later.

The move to Denmark

As I have sad before. I am going to move back to Denmark later this year. I am not sure when exactly. But I do know that this going to happen. Until that happens, I am working with limited options. My main earthquake computer is down (offline) and is going to be offline until I move back Denmark into my own apartment. That means no high resolutions traces of earthquakes. As the software that I use to make that is on my main earthquake computer.

I am also looking for apartments outside Copenhagen. The max price that I can handle is about 3500 DKK for the monthly rent. I like to deal with rental companies that are in Denmark rather then with individuals. So any suggestions for 2 rooms apartments are welcomed. Just leave the suggestions in the comment.

This is also (as sad before) why I am still dealing with a bit of economic hardship until I move back to Denmark. But I think that I am still going to be dealing with money issue after I move back to Denmark. I am not yet out of those problem until I start publishing e-books and normal books. I am not yet sure when that starts for me. But it is in the works.

E-mail newsletter

For those who like to watch what is going on in Iceland, Spain and Canary Islands in terms of earthquake and volcano activity. It is now possible to subscribe to an automatic email list that sends you the newest blog posts update on what is going on in this blog. Just fill out the form here below, or click on this link.

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Volcano and earthquake forum

I also want to remind people of the volcano and earthquake forum. But it has been having slow traffic since I did start it in December. But on the forum it is possible to add pictures, ask questions, discuss volcanoes and earthquakes, among other things that do not fit so well into any discussions on this blog.

I do not think that there is anything more for web site news for January 2012. But if there is. I am going to update this blog post with that information.

Update 1: So I did start my extra savings from January 2012 rather then February. As that allows me to save more money faster then I otherwise would have done.

Blog post updated at 14:36 UTC 3. January 2012.