Name change on 1st January 2012

This is the last day that this website is only going to be Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog. From 1st January 2012 this blog is going to get a new name.

This name change came about due to plan changes that I have in works. But after about 10 years time I am going to move to Spain or Canary Islands. Most likely Canary Islands as I like volcanoes and earthquakes. But this is in so distant future I am not yet exactly sure where I am going to end up after 10 years.

But this is what I plan for and have set in motion now. I plan to stick with it, as this is what I think is best for me at the moment. But lets wait and see what the future has to offer for me.

16 Replies to “Name change on 1st January 2012”

  1. Good luck with your future plans.

    I am interested in why you plan to move to the Canaries: are expecting more volcanic activity there in the future?

    1. Remember seeing the New Year in, in Reykjavik a few years ago. Tons of fireworks going off for hours!

  2. Happy New Year Jon, and thank you for hosting this wonderful blog.

    Good luck with all your plans

  3. A Guid New Year to you and yours Jon from Pete in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Your blog is fascinating and I hope that Katla is calm for you all in Iceland.

    Fan og gu brath!

  4. Good luck in all you do Jon.
    Awesome webcam thanks for that. Cool sound on the big speakers. Havn’t been so transfixed in a long time. Rekyavikkers know how to party. Victoria fireworks dull in comparison.

  5. Wow, katla got that one in quick didnt she!!! Rocking her fat ass to the beat of the new year!!

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