Eruption in El Hierro volcano ends

It seems that the eruption that has been taking place in El Hierro volcano is over. All yesterday there was an increase in harmonic tremors in El Hierro volcano, suggesting that the power of the eruption was increasing again. But around 10:30 UTC this morning the harmonic tremor dropped and around 11:00 UTC the harmonic tremor stopped completely. Signaling the end of the eruption that has been taking place for almost three months in El Hierro volcano.

The harmonic tremor in El Hierro volcano 27. December 2011. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

The harmonic tremor today (28. December 2011) in El Hierro voclano at around 16:35 UTC (when the picture is saved). On this picture the drop in harmonic tremor can clearly be seen. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

The current end of the eruption does however not mean that El Hierro volcano is over. It just mean that the current eruption that lasted for close to three months is over. It might well be that eruption activity is going to continue in El Hierro volcano in few months to years time. But only time is going to tell us if that is the case or not. But for the moment, the eruption in El Hierro volcano has ended.

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    1. Eruption over? This is ‘science’?? This website and its owner are a joke. Their mistakes, premature pronouncments and numerous errors are getting ridiculous:
      CRISIS SPECIAL SEISMIC – 31/12/2011 (16:35 pm)

      El volcán vuelve a expulsar piroclastos de gran tamaño The volcano again expelling large pyroclastic
      4 comentarios 4 comments
      El volcán de El Hierro sigue emitiendo material magmático humeante y de gran tamaño, tal y como pudieron comprobar en la mañana del viernes científicos del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) desde una embarcación Salvamar de Salvamento Marítimo. The volcano of El Hierro magmatic material continues to emit large steaming, as they could check on the morning of Friday, scientists from the National Geographic Institute (IGN) from a boat Salvamar Maritime Rescue.

      1. The eruption did end. That was clear from the harmonic tremor data. What did happen also was that the eruption resumed several hours later it seems. Maybe from an new fissure. I am not sure yet.

        So what you are getting at is unfounded.

  1. I think it’s another vent collapse, and it will pick back up.
    I’ll give up when I see nothing on the tremor graph and no quakes for at minimum 48 hours.

    1. I agree totally Viva. This volcano is playing with us, just when you think it has died it jumps up and laughs at you. The gas emissions don’t seem to have died either.

  2. Hi All, I think this may relate to El Hierro…..

    I have been looking at Yellowstone for a couple of days, mostly at Pelican Cone, Mirror Lake & Madison River stations…. There has been some weird activity going on since just before Christmas…..Note: Pelican Cone Station has just been turned back on after 8 years….Here is the graphs for the 25th December:

    Pelican Cone:

    Mirror Lake:

    Madison River:

    See how all the stations are picking up something from around Pelican Cone……This has been going on since with some random bursts here and there…….
    Around the same time as El Hierro graph flat lining today, Yellowstone’s Pelican Cone & Mirror Lake Flat lined as well and there has been nothing since……

    Pelican Cone: 28th December

    Mirror Lake:28th December

    Can you tell me what you think about this as I do find this weird……There is a thread on GLP, I know, not the best forum but there has been a good thread posted on there about this and there hasn’t been any answers whatsoever to what has been going on…….I know that winds, malfunction, tree root rocking and construction have been ruled out……….Does anyone have a clue whats been going on there????

    Also, find it strange how they recently just turned on the station there and NASA’s Landsat has found anomalies at Yellowstone saying that power companies too have been picking up on activity outside of the park’s borders…….

    Any thoughts??? Thanks….

      1. Malfunctioning at 3 Stations and then the activity conveniently stopping at the same time as El Hierro activity stopping……Come on….

        What are the chances of 3 stations showing that activity and all of them malfunctioning….Let alone stopping at the same time as El Hierro??????

      2. Thanks for the links Gary. That is really interesting.

        I will wait to see if anyone has any other correlations of anything happening elsewhere around the globe.

      3. No problem Alyson…….Here is some more info:

        A woman who lives close to Yellowstone posted this thread:

        I know that many of you on here don’t like this site but I think it’s worth taking a look at this, I would post her post but it’s lenghty. The information she has is VERY good and makes you go hmm.

        Also, this the link to the other thread I mentioned on my last post above:

        There is a lot of good information on them both and people are wanting answers, including myself, … USGS are not posting anything at all about any activity either……

        Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance….

  3. Earthquake in Hofsjokull today, some others near Akureyri, but overall activity in Iceland is quite low.

  4. I just wake up and there is so much snow outside!
    The snow depth in my garden totals now an astonishing 73cm!

  5. El Hierro is not dead …
    Just have a look on Movistar webcam !
    Even if tremor looks medium.

    You’re lucky Irpsit, here just 0cm of snow and 10°C (in France) … bad winter.

  6. Whats happening with the Eystry-Skogar tremor? (started yesterday, 28th and continuing today)

    Tor Hogne

    1. From what I know they are only testing this type of software. So expect it to fail and be not working for a bit of long time every once in a while.

  7. Surtseyan eruption along the coast of Yemen forms a new island – Today eruption cloud + stain !

    Jorgen Aabech, a Norvegian volcano enthusiast writing already a long time in his blog, wrote us an email on December 20 to attract our attention on a probably new eruption of the Jebel Zubair volcano, which is an island formation on the territory of Yemen. Jorgen asked us if we had any mention of earthquakes in the area, which was negative.
    When looking at the Modis Terra and Aqua satellite picture on December 20, we saw indeed a very small cloud in the island area, but nothing important to us….

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