Harmonic tremor continues to drop in El Hierro volcano

It seems that currently the eruption in El Hierro volcano is coming to an end. I do not know if this is an permanent end to the current eruption or just an short break in it. The reports that I have seen so far suggest that the main crater out of the coast of La Restinga has stopped erupting. The current harmonic tremor however suggests that an eruption is still taking place somewhere. But I have no idea where that might be at current time, and so far no clues where that might be. But the lack of earthquakes north of El Hierro Island suggests that an eruption might be taking place there. But that is just speculation.

The harmonic tremor in El Hierro volcano at 20:36 UTC. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

Other then this. There is not that much to report from the eruption in El Hierro volcano, or what is left of it at current time. If there are any major changes. I am going to report them soon as I can. But at current time. It does not look like there is isn’t a lot needed to be reported on the eruption in El Hierro volcano.

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  1. Is there any information of pre-eruptive behavior for Katla, other than earthquakes? I mean, was there e.g. any pre-eruptive glacial floods within an year before the 1918, 1755, or any other major eruption?

    We’ve had two of these floods which are believed to be related to minor eruptions, i.e. 1999 and 2011. I’m pondering, can these be taken as pre-eruptive behavior for something bigger, or are they just eruptions like all the other (including bigger ones)?

  2. Perhaps Katla is entering a new Phase in her life time, having many minor eruptions that break the surface; rather than fewer, larger ones?

    Just an idea from an amateur! 🙂

  3. Tremor has slowly increased during the day. It could be back to former strength pretty soon. There seems to be some renewed inflation also and the eruption has not caused any deflation of El Hierro it seems.

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