Short overview of volcano eruptions in Canary Islands

Here is an short overview of volcano activity in Canary Islands during the past 1000 years. But I do not want to go any more back in time. But this is similar to what I did about Iceland few months ago. For refrence I am using Global Volcanism Program data. I do not have any other data point at the moment. This blog post is going to be updated as more eruptions takes place. This is the same thing that I do with historical overview about volcano eruptions in Iceland.

Year of eruption

Gran Canaria has not had any eruption in past 1000 years.

Fuerteventura has not had any eruption in past 1000 years.

Year ~1060, eruption starts in Tenerife.

Year ~1480 eruption takes place in La Palma.

Year 1492, eruption starts in Tenerife on ~24 August.

Year 1585, May 19. Eruption starts in La Palma. It lasts until 10 August.

Year 1646, eruption starts on 2 October in La Palma. It lasts until 21 December.

Year 1677, eruption starts on November 17 in La Palma. It lasts until 21 January 1678.

Year 1704, eruption starts in Tenerife on 31 December. It last until 27 March in the year 1705.

Year 1706, eruption starts in Tenerife on May 5. It lasts until 13 June.

Year 1712, eruption starts on October 9 in La Palma. It lasts until 3 December.

Year 1730, eruption starts on September 1 in Lanzarote. It lasts until April 16 in the year 1736.

Year 1798, eruption starts in Tenerife on June 9. It lasts until ~14 September.

Year 1824, eruption starts in Lanzarote on July 31. It lasts until 24 October.

Year 1909, eruption starts in Tenerife on November 19. It lasts until November 27. It lasts until November 27.

Year 1949, eruption starts on June 24 in La Palma. It lasts until 30 July.

Year 1971, eruption starts on October 26 in La Palma. It last until November 18.

This blog post is going to be updated regularly.

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Reduced information for next few months on this blog

So, the school is out for me. This means that the second phase of my plan is now on. But that means I am going to live with my mom and dad for next several months. This however has that problem that I cannot run my main computers, this means my access to the data that I have collected during the years is limited to none. I also am not able to post high resolution earthquake traces in this time period. As my main earthquake computer is going to remain offline until I move back to Denmark. The earthquake traces are going to remain online as they have been. As the remote stations them self update the images for the moment. This is also going to be case with the new geophones that go up in December (2011) and in January 2012.

My plan is to move back to Denmark sometimes around the time May to July in the year 2012. But I start to look for apartment for an rent (around 3500 DKK) in March of 2012. All suggestions on good apartments in Denmark are welcomed, I prefer renting from an renting companies. Not private individuals. I already have some idea where I might be located when I move back to Denmark. I hopeful that I am going to be just outside Copenhagen. While I am living with mom and dad I am collecting money for the move back to Denmark, as moving from Iceland is not cheap (cost just for my belongings is estimated around 300.000 ISK, or around 14.000 DKK, 1.893€, $2.469 with current exchange rate on ISK). I have already collected some of the money needed for the move back to Denmark. But I need bit more so I can also pay insurance on the apartment + one month in rent ahead of time (at least) + one month with full rent without rental benefits in Denmark (at least). I also want to collect for new television (I do not watch television that much. I just like to figure out what I can get on it. It is one of my hobbies).

This is my current status. It is all moving along for me as I had planned (even bit faster then I had originally planned).

Until I move back to Denmark. I am going to do my best to update this blog properly with pictures and everything. It is also an factor that my mom and dad only have slow 3G internet connection. It can also drop out if there is heavy snow or rain taking place. So I might be out of internet connection suddenly at times. But I hope that does not happen often.

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