Earthquake activity in Katla volcano

Even if there is December and Katla volcano is supposed to have less earthquake activity during this time of year. It seems to be that currently that is not the case. But the earthquake activity is less then it was this summer after the minor eruption in July 2011. No major earthquake swarm has been taking place in Katla volcano for the past few weeks. But there is a lot of earthquakes taking place, without it being a earthquake swarm at one single location inside Katla volcano.

Current earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Many people might ask if this earthquake activity is something to worry about. The answer is no. Katla volcano is unlikely to start an eruption in December. But if this pattern of earthquake activity it is clear that Katla volcano is going to erupt sooner rather then later. But the question after the mini-eruption last summer (July 2011), if there are going to be around 10 years until next eruption takes place in Katla volcano. For the moment nobody knows for sure.

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