Harmonic tremor in El Hierro volcano drops

There was a change in the eruption in El Hierro volcano last night. The harmonic tremor started to drop of slowly. This drop in harmonic tremor comes several days after a drop in earthquake activity happened. But it might be possible that this drop in earthquake activity in north El Hierro volcano might be because a erupting vent did open up in north El Hierro volcano. But at such depth that the eruption was not noticed on the surface on the ocean. At least that might be the reason. But without any data, this is just a speculation. But at any rate, the earthquake activity in north part of El Hierro volcano has dropped down to almost zero in few days time.

The harmonic tremor yesterday (5 December, 2011). The drop in harmonic tremor can clearly be seen here. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

The harmonic tremor today at 08:15 UTC. The harmonic tremor continues to drop during the past few hours. Copyright of this picture belongs to IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

The harmonic tremor drop is something that has happened before in El Hierro volcano. Just before a new fissure did open up in El Hierro volcano eruption. I am unsure if that is the case now. But it should become clear in about two to three days. But it is also a possibility that this eruption is coming to a end. But it has been erupting now for close to three months now. So this eruption might just ending. But we might have to wait a bit until that is confirmed. But at the moment the harmonic tremor is dropping and that means the eruption is smaller for the moment.

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  1. Harmonic tremor drops, but the effusion at Bob keeps very active.
    How about this quake at Hekla? Does it mean something, Jón?
    14:22:12 63.948 -19.941 8.3 km 1.3 99.0 14.2 km WSW of Hekla

  2. Only one small quake so far today. New emissions of steaming pumice pyroclasts were observed and picked up by the eager crew of the coast guard boat. It will be interesting what happens now in the coming day(s).

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      1. They have been using a helicopter again this morning to ‘search’ for something up on Katla.

      2. They have been back again this evening. I would hazard a gguess that it might be practice rescue sessions. Here the lifeboats regularly go out and do ‘manouvers’ just to keep in training and for Katla the conditions must be perfect for exercises as although a lot of lying snow and very, very cold the wind is lower.

  4. The quake has acquired a greater extent, 09:25 and has been a very strong smell of rotten eggs, sulfur la Restinga, the wind comes from eruptive area, which seems to confirm an increase in measurement by the mobile station SH2 de la Restinga.

    Date Time SO2 (μ g/m3) flag SH2 (μ g/m3) flag is not (μ g/m3) flag NO2 (μ g/m3) flag flag NOX (μ g/m3) 12/06/2011 22:00 3 6 6 T T T T T 5 1 06/12/2011 21:00 6 3 T 4 T 5 T 1 T T T 6/12/2011 20:00 5 1 2 2 T T T T 6.12 5 / 2011 19:00 T 6 T 2 T 1 T 3 T 5 T 6 12/06/2011 18:00 2 T 1 T 3 T 5 T 6 T values ​​12.06.2011 17:00 3 1 T 3 T 5 T T you can see on the web: http://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/cmayot/calidadaire/datosOnLineEstacion.do?ides=124

  5. just got my email address wrong so the link that may confirm that is awaiting moderation 🙂

  6. I was just watchin’ the live webcam at el hierro and there are clearly seen bubbles I guess and lots of steam, probably from volcanic stones ejected…
    btw. hello everyone, jon especially. although I follow this blog for more than a year I haven’t had said anything up till now. so cheers everyone. regards from Croatia

  7. Jón, last night the tremor was very explosive and some drum solo too, even the activity in the jacuzzi area was visible at night with a rotten eggs odor very intense in La Restinga at the same time the long explossions happened.

      1. There was a server with 01 in front of it. It stopped working. I do not think it is working now. But I found that I can just use the IGN web page without 01 in front of it.

  8. Well you called it Jonny, the BBC has a video that shows the birth of a new volcano believed to be 14 days old.

    I read the transcript because I couldnt get the video to download…too big.

    Check it out folks on the BBC website.

  9. It has dropped before in this sequence. It tends to drop and then slowly build up again over time and then something “snaps” an it is back at full force. It behaves as if something has become blocked reducing tremor, then pressure builds up and whatever was “blocking” things becomes “unblocked” and the system returns as before.

    I notice the tremor has been exhibiting the same pattern this time: sudden drop followed by a gradual increase.

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