Earthquake swarm in Grímsey Island (TFZ)

Today there has been a earthquake swarm in Grímsey Island. But this tiny Island is off the north coast of Iceland. Around 100 people live on the Grímsey Island. This earthquake swarm is small. But its location makes sure that it is felt. But it is directly under the village on the Grímsey Island. So far the strongest earthquake recorded is a ML3.3 in size with the depth of 9.1 km.

The earthquake swarm in Grímsey Island. The Island is located where the earthquake swarm is on this map. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

The largest earthquake so far was recorded on my Hvammstangi geophone clearly.

The earthquake as recorded on my Hvammstangi geophone. This trace is filtered at 4Hz. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence. See top bar for more information.

The earthquake swarm appears to be ongoing. I am sure that this earthquake swarm is felt in the village because it is directly under it. But depth of the earthquakes might however play a role in it how well the earthquakes are felt in the village. So far there have not been any news reports on this earthquake swarm in Icelandic Media.

Blog post updated at 00:25 UTC on 25 November, 2011