The weekend earthquake swarm deep out on the Reykjanes Ridge

During the weekend there was as earthquake swarm deep outside on the Reykjanes Ridge. It was about 700 km south of Reykjavík city. It was not felt on land and was only noticed on instruments. The last earthquake to be recorded was at 22:04 UTC, on 20 November 2011. It’s size was Mb4.4 according to EMSC. The largest earthquakes in this earthquake swarm had the size of Mb4.8, but there where several earthquakes recorded with this size.

Due to the location it is impossible to know if there was a eruption in this area or not. The ocean depth there is greater then 1 km (if my memory is correct). This means that if a eruption is taking place in this location. Nothing is going to appear on the surface of the ocean. So why this earthquakes are taking place are only speculation everything besides normal tectonic activity in this area. But the Reykjanes Ridge is a rift zone that often has earthquakes without any eruption taking place. There have however been several earthquake swarm during the year in this location. But what the actual reason remains a mystery due the location.

Other then this it is now quiet time in Iceland. This is the type of quiet time that I always worry about. But lets wait and see what is up with this lack of activity in Iceland.

Note: Update on the eruption in El Hierro volcano eruption is due tomorrow. This is now a long term eruption as explained few blog posts ago. So there are only updates on what is going on once in a while.