Harmonic tremor pulse in Katla volcano

This just started few moments ago so I waiting on how this develops. But there is a harmonic tremor spike in Katla volcano.

The harmonic tremor in Katla volcano started with a small earthquake swarm. This is more then just minor event it seems. But at this moment it is hard to know how this is going to develop. But next few hours are going to give clear picture of what is going on in Katla volcano. There is a bad weather in the area, but that makes the observation of what is going on more difficult then in good weather.

The earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Harmonic tremor pulse in Katla volcano at 16:00 UTC on 7 November, 2011. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Harmonic tremor pulse in Katla volcano at 16:00 UTC on 7 November, 2011. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Harmonic tremor pulse in Katla volcano at 16:16 UTC on 7 November, 2011. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

What happens next is impossible to know for sure. But watching what is happening in Katla volcano is the only thing that can be done for the moment. No more earthquakes have happened so far in Katla volcano (at the time when I write this). The harmonic tremor pulse was detected up to Skrokkalda SIL station. But also on Grímsfjall SIL station. There is a harmonic tremor pulse also taking place in Hamarinn volcano, more on in a little bit. This harmonic tremor pulse is because of dike intrusion is taking place in Katla volcano. It is impossible to know how big it is currently.

Blog post updated at 16:26 UTC on 7 November, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the post Jon, I had just noticed the small quake swarm and was unsure whether that was a harmonic tremor too so thanks again for the answer.

    Sorry too hear you are a bit under the weather at the moment, I have 4 members of family suffer same problems. It is a sore affliction but you seem to be coping well. best wishes for the future and keep looking forward.

  2. Yes but all very shallow at katla, plus a bit stormy there with rather warm temperatures both on the ground and at 850mb so possibly ice melting and shifting is a contributer to those shallow quakes. Johns heli gone quite crazy too but again probably weather related although of course someone being there could probably confirm better. Forecast to be rather warm in Iceland for the whole of this week ( should i have said mild for the season) Warm 850mb flow too so snow will be less likely too.
    However i would also suggest that its possible that any shrinkage in ice will help any pressure relaese from below. But i know very little about Volcanoes and its weather thats my forte

  3. Jón.
    Your blog rocks. You don’t have to worry.
    I’m sending you some “e-sunlight pills” from sunny Rio. 🙂
    Sei umarmt!
    Talk to your doctor: I understand you have to take medications regularly, so, ask him if an extra supply of vitamin D would work for you. And try not to evade as much of sunlight as you can get. Know it is hard in Iceland in this period.
    But don’t worry about us.
    There’s enough of crazy volcanophiles here to keep the blog going for many years to come.
    Wish you luck, pal!

    1. I do not take any medications. As people with aspegers syndrome do not have to take in any medication from what I know. If they do, it must be unrelated to aspergers syndrome.

      In truth. I pass along mostly as normal person. I got my aspgers syndrome under that good control today.

      1. Jon – ‘pass as a normal person’. Don’t put yourself down like that. ‘Normal’ is subjective. Reading many of the commentators here I doubt if they could pass as ‘normal’ especially with the sheep/volcano obsession; poor Lurking would be seen as abnormal by some for his obsession with plots – not that we think that, far from it, but I have moved in circles where having a brain and not being obsessed with celebrities is seen as abnormal. Aspergers is more common than people often think – I have a family member who works in that field and has to accompany service users (lovely UK phrase) when they go out. As they say count your blessings 🙂

    1. Watching volcanoes can be stressful and your blog here has been very active, with so many of us watching the same events. I think perhaps you have lost sleep, doing the work of a whole team, to make sure no nonsense goes on here.

      Diana will keep order while you sleep 🙂

      And then there will be plenty to catch up on in the morning.
      Get well soon.

  4. This post made me smile in light of your last post at the low activity @Katla and no harmonic tremors. This seems to happen every time you say nothing is happening, I swear Katla is listening to you and having a giggle – either that or the sheep pass it on 🙂

    Sorry to hear you are feeling low. The advice regarding getting some sun, going for a walk and the vitamin D is good. The walk is probably the best advice – it’s proven. It can be a lonely place online (despite the community here) so don’t forget to socialise with real people and take a good break from the computer each day. Computer games can be good but are linked to depression (symptom or cause). Make sure you go out with friends and let off some steam every now and then – and never be afraid to ask for help. It’s actually very brave to admit you are down in the first place – it’s often easier to say all is okay and stay in denial.

    I think your posts have been really good as there has been so much going on at El Hierro in the past few weeks and you have the language barrier there to overcome in research, yet your posts have been informative and your comments also. Focus on the positives; the phenomenal success of your blog (close to 1000 in one post alone the past week says it all!), you are debt free and you have two new helicorders!

    Best of luck Jon and hopefully next year things will work out well regarding Denmark.


  5. the following information was taken from “stevequayle.com/hawk.”a few months ago someone contacted hawk,and reported a frequency signal,kept repeating causing earthquakes in,the canary islands.the frequency,that kept repeating was”eighty four kilohertz.can the folks see if there is similiar signal frquency repeating,on this volcano?…

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