Two geophones ordered

Yesterday I did order two new geophones to expand my geophone network. I am not yet sure when they are going to be up and running. But that is going to happen soon (hopefully) after they arrive in Iceland.

I want to thank everyone how did support this effort so that I was able to buy this two new geophones. All that is left now is to get a computer for the geophone station that is going to be close to Katla volcano.

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  1. Jón!
    I am interested in donating but it’s not clear to me what you can contribute to the understanding of these volcanoes. For example in what ways are your geophones superior and/or providing better information than the existing network?
    Best regards,

    1. The geophones that I use are not better then what IMO has. But they allow me to monitor what is going on in real time. Rather then having to wait after data from IMO.

      1. And through Jón as he is posting high-resolution images of quakes and tremors we all can see details that IMO is not handing out to us.
        No shadow on IMO on this, they are very open with their information. Total world-class really.

        Through Jóns network we get to see things we otherwise would not be able to see otherwise.
        I hope this answered your question a bit better Jonnie M.

    2. When Grimsvötn erupted a while ago, Jon was up to date with the situation with the public IMO data, and suspecting an imminent eruption even before it actually happened. IMHO, with hardware of his own, Jon will be better equipped when Katla decides to start dancing…

  2. Good one Jon. Hopefully another donation soon. All people visiting this site will benefit from the instant and really real time recording. IMO is, as Carl says extremely good at posting news and recordings and that too is a first class service which is much appreciated.

  3. I’ve given this some careful thought and have decided to donate my hard-earned money to supporting a venture that’s more firmly based in evidence and science. I am absolutely fine with you expressing your opinions Jón, but we are on diverging paths. Good luck to you though!

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