Magma on the move in El Hierro, Canary Islands

This is happening faster then I expected. But it seems that magma is now on the move upwards in El Hierro volcano in Canary Islands. This is evident by the earthquake patterns that are emerging from the volcano. Given the earthquake locations, most likely place for a eruption to take place is out on the ocean based on that. But sometimes magma can find different pathways up the surface without a lot of warning.

Latest earthquake map from Instituto Geográfico Nacional that shows clearly the earthquake pattern since the dike intrusion did start in El Hierro. Copyright of this picture belongs to Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

At the moment it is impossible to know when and where a eruption might start. It depends on many factors. But it is now clear that magma is on the move upwards. So far the magma seems to be around 10 km up in the earth crust under El Hierro. So it is clear that the magma is on the way up and most likely preparing for a eruption.

Please donate too support me

This is a off-topic blog post.

I feel that I have made too many of this “please donate” blog posts. But my money problems are not over and I am also trying to get enough donations so that I can buy two new geophones so that I can monitor Katla volcano and Reykjanes, Reykjanes Ridge (and all the volcanoes that are on it) and also SISZ. Donations post for that can be found here. So far 4,486.82 DKK have been donated so that I can buy the geophones, so I am not far from the target of 6,731.18 DKK that I need to buy the two geophones (I do not have the customs and VAT number, since I do not have a clue what that is going to be).

However, that is not enough I feel. As I need something to survive this month. Thankfully I spend less on food as I have already paid for it with the school. But there is always something that I need to buy outside of school kitchen. Almost all of my welfare income goes into paying up the debt with the bank. That is what does not go into paying bills that needs to get paid and sending money into my Danish account, so I can pay the bills there too. Today I owe the bank around 3.346,05 Euro, 4.518,96 USD, 24.894,14 DKK (I am going too lower that amount today (3 October 2011) by a good amount.). This month I did get paid from Google Adsense amount of 1,128.77 DKK (but nothing from Amazon, not enough money for a payout). So that improves the situation a little bit for me. But that is not a lot for me too have during a month. I have some savings in my Danish account, but they are being cut by spending. That I am trying to keep in total minimum and I do not allow my self a lot these days. What is also a problem for me is the costly hardware replacement that I had go into in September. As my hard drives where failing (one failed completely) and needed a replacement.

This blog has become a big part of what I do today. When I did start this a little more then one year ago that was not the direction that I had planned for it. The original idea was too just have it like my other Icelandic blog. But this turned out differently and here I am. Working on what I want to do, writing about volcanoes and earthquakes. Alongside that I am trying too write books (not going so well at the moment, but that is up for a change) about fiction, volcanoes, earthquakes and what ever I want to write about. But until that gets going I am rather depended on the income that I get from this web page.

I am not asking for a big donations. Just a little something. Those how do not want to use Paypal too donate can get bank informations here.

So, many of my readers must be wondering when my period of being broke and in debt is going to end. My plan is too end the debt period in December 2011, or in January 2012. Until I move back to Denmark. I am going to be collecting as much money that I can. Both from a computer job that I got with fixing a computer. As I know from experience that it is a expensive too move from Iceland to Denmark. So when am I going back to Denmark. The goal is June 2012, but at no later point then in September 2012. But this depends on when I get apartment in Ringsted (the city I plan moving too in Denmark). My backup plan is too move back to Sønderborg, if Ringsted fails when it comes too getting a apartment. But that is currently a wait and see status on that for the moment. But that is all going to clear up in January 2012.

Why I am telling you all this. I want too do so. So people know 100% + 10% what they are donation for and supporting. Thanks for the support.