One year old

This blog is now officially one years old. People can read the blog posts from one year ago here, when this blog was starting.

A lot has happened in this one year. I have moved to Denmark and back to Iceland (for time being, going back to Denmark next year). Grímsfjall volcano did erupt in the largest eruption in at least 140 years. Katla volcano did have minor eruption. Hamarinn volcano did also have minor eruption and does not appear to be done yet. A lot more is going to happen in the next year. But that is a story that is going to be told later.

As for this blog. I am going to continue to do my best and continue to develop it to make it better and more informative then it is today. It is a progress and takes time. A lot more volcanoes are set to erupt in Iceland and I am going to do my best to write about them when the time comes.

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  1. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your blog! It’s Fantastique! Please continue for more years!

  2. Congratulations on such a brilliant and successful blog Jon. It’s much appreciated. Donation come payday !

  3. Happy anniversary, Jón!
    Wish you a happy and exciting year to come and hope you will go on writing for a very long time.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jons Volcanoblog!
    May many more years follow. 🙂

    ( and thank you – again – Jon, for the tremendous work and energie you put into this “child” of yours….)

  5. Congratulations Jon!

    May you blog be very informative and helpful for many years to come!

    I have been following the blog since July 🙂

  6. Another one! 1099639 27/09/2011 17:10:34 27.6769 -18.0650 16 Sentido 3.5 mbLg SW FRONTERA.IHI

  7. I am going to make a special blog post about El Hierro volcano and what is going on there. As I do not yet have a blog about earthquakes and volcanoes in Europe (alpha work starting on that type of blog, more on that later).

    So please keep earthquakes information about what is going on there away from this off-topic post. But please continue to use the earlier Hamarinn volcano post for that. Thanks. 🙂

  8. Congrats, Jon! You have built up quite a community of readers over the last year! 🙂

    I think I have been reading since about February – there was a swarm in Krisuvik and in trying to find out more, I found this place.

  9. First: Thank you Jon for your hard work and dedication! And, congratulations to the blog, and may the next year be a success, too!

  10. Happy birthday Jon for this wonderful blog. and hope it goes on for many many years.

    keep helping others to learn from you.


    p.s birthday donation soon through paypal

  11. Congrats on the first anniversary of this blog, it has been very ineresting & most informative (even though i don’t understand some of it). Off Topic: The northern lights look good over Iceland tonight (weather permitting).

  12. Congratulations on a successful and wonderfully informative blog. I have learned alot, either directly from here or from research done as a result of posts and comments.

    Happy Birthday.

    Donation when I get paid!

  13. Happy “Birthday” Jon and thank you for a fantastic blog! And thank you also to you all in the community around this blog – you almost feel like family!

  14. Dear Jòn,
    Congratulations with this professional blog! Somewhere in january 2010 I found a very good dutch Icelandsite ( and took a free subscription on the “earthquake” service ( you receive an email when earthquakes of certain sizes occur).
    Ever since the eruptions at Fimmvörduhals and Eyjafjallajökull I started following this blog daily and all the comments of Carl le Strange, Lurking and all the others (to many to mention!).
    And as many of the readers of this blog I’ve learned (and still am) a lot more on volcanoes, erthquakes and tremors.
    Only I’m planning to “do” the Laugarvegur ultramarathon (Landmannalaugar – Thorsmork) july 14th next year, but if Katla erupts….
    Good luck to everybody!

    Henk Weijerstrass

  15. Best of luck with the new site and thank you for the work, Hope to help with fund collection, end of the month

  16. About donations:

    Jón, I do not want to use PayPal due to bad experience.
    Do you also have a common bank account in Iceland or Denmark? It would be easy to transfer money to it from accounts in other EEA countries. The transfer is free for the one who pays (at least it was always for me until now), and mostly for the receiver too (depends on the bank).
    If you have an account, would you put your account information on the site including IBAN and BIC? Suppose this is a lot cheaper than the creditcard / PayPal construction.
    If you do so I will try if it works.

    EEA (European Economic Area) – countries are:
    Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

      1. That’s Loki?

        From the discussions in various papers I always got the impression that it was somewhere a bit south of there.

        Learn something new everyday. Thanks!

  17. Congratulations Jon on this excellent blog … I don’t know if there are any awards for blog operators like yourself but you certainly deserve a prize.

  18. Jón,

    Thanks for creating and managing this excellent blog. I hope you can keep it going for another year.

  19. Congratulations Jon on this excellent blog, looking forward to see it develop further. I also have to note that I am very happy with the degree of professionalism that you show. Finally we should also thank the icelandic IMO which does an excellent job in making information available to the common public allowing us amateurs to have access to all the latest data and speculate on a site like yours.

  20. For those who do not use PayPal. I have added the IBAN and SWIFT code information on the donation web page so money can be transferred directly to me.

    Thanks for the support.

    1. Given the statistics (1-sigma is plotted), the data is unchanged within 3-sigma error bars, i.e. at 99,7% confidence level. Even with 2-sigma errors (95% confidence level) the error bars overlap, i.e. the dip is very likely not real.

  21. Congratulations Jon. I really appreciate all your hard work to make this a most pleasant, informative and professional Blog.
    Many thanks also to IMO for their information. I have learned so much here about not only the Volcanoes and tremors but also about Iceland. From recipes to Folk tales and of course the magnificent scenery.
    Jon I hope you feel proud of this achievement. Well done!

    1. Silent reader most of the time, can’t resist a little participation in weak moments – or like now to celebrate.
      Here are some very clever people. I love to read Carl, Lurking, Renato andandand… Sharp thinkers, funny, critic when it has to be.
      You, Diana, nearly always are so positive. We all know life can be a bitch, but a better one when shared with positive people. I sometimes lack the lightness to be only positive, but always try to be inspired by people who are able to no matter the situations.
      Bravo and thanks for your contribution of warmth.

  22. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on a good blog Jón and all participants, I’ve learned a lot and really felt so “at home” that I thought the blog was much older.
    Like Diana said, well done, you can be proud, all of you, Jón, Carl, Diana, Irpsit, Chris and the magician with the maps Lurking to name a few, and all the others for their interest and interesting comments and questions. Congrats again

  23. Really enjoying following the daily volcano news! Thank you so very much and ‘Happy Birthday’!

  24. I see theres more manmade earthquakes at Hengill, what are they putting down there now i wonder?

  25. Ditto on the mondo congratulations.

    Originally I was a bit miffed at having to move around to get other volcano info, but with Iceland’s unique status as a natural seismic and volcano lab… well worth being a blog unto itself. Besides, bouncing between here and the ever mobile Eruptions keeps me on my toes!

  26. I can’t beleive it’s been a whole year . . Our time is so short compared to our volcano friends. Thanks Jon for making this family possible and for the wonderful contributions from everyone. I feel like I know you all. Out of a common interest I have been given inspiration, adventure, excitement and knowledge thank you so much.

  27. Congratulations!
    This blog really increased my interest for volcanoes and earthquakes

    Keep on going Jon 🙂


  28. Well done Jon, a great achievement bringing so many knowledgeable folk together. Thanks for the hard work keeping it going.

    I’ve learnt more here than I’ve learnt in many years.

  29. Congratulations Jón. 🙂

    And abit of news. El Hierro has made the MSM here in sweden. Expressen (large newspaper) has an article saying thousands are beeing evacuated right now due to the threat of a volcanic eruption.

    1. Correction. There are plans to evacuate 4000 people. A bit over 50 has been relocated so far.

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