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I once more have to ask for donations. As I have been doing for past few months. The reasons are simple and have remained unchanged as before (check older blog post for details). But the cost of school this winter is something I can handle on my own, but with debt payments it does not leave anything leftover for me to spend on other stuff and food during weekends. But in the dormitory where I live there is only food during the week, not on the weekend.

I also want to try and keep a balance in my finances until I move back to Denmark. My debt payments are going well to and almost on target so far.

Google Adsense

I am quitting with Google Adsense. The reason is quite simple. They have not paid me and they don’t answer my emails on what the problem might be. As my account is on invisible hold with them. My rule is simple. I don’t do business with companies that behaves like this. All Google Adsense ads are going to vanish in the next three days or so. But I remove them when I have the time to do so. That is going to take around three days in my estimate. Now if Google Adsense fixes this issue in timely manner I am not going to quit using them, for now anyway. But given the current track record on this type of issues, I do not think that is going to happen.

I am going to replace the Google Adsense ads with Amazon Ads. But I have had no problem what so ever with Amazon when it comes to ads and payments. So I am going to keep using them.

Google Adsense has removed the hold on my account, so I am going to get paid from the on 1. October and onwards. So this issue should now be fixed forever I hope. I have started to add Google Adsense ads back to my blog and web pages.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

Blog post updated at 20:06 UTC on 1. September 2011.

Blog post updated at 03:03 UTC on 3 October 2011.

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  1. Alot of my investor friends have Amazon at the top of their list of stocks. The reason is simple. They now have overwhelming market share, a kick a** infrastructure, business model and revenue stream. Online shopping patterns will continue to point more to Amazon and thereby, doing business with them will be more profitable in the future.

    Way the F off Topic: Do I sound like a market pundint or perma-bull. God forbid. Get out of stocks while you can…Sept is going to get ugly.

      1. Jon, I’ve done a lot of shopping lately on Amazon. I kick myself because I should have clicked your link to go buy something. Next time I’ll remember as I have lot of books and iPad accessories to get now that I have one of those toys. The iPad has revolutionized the way I work and play and actually saved me a lot money. Little apps and movies for the kids are much cheaper that buying crap at the stores.

      2. I should say the Kindle add is a great one for your site. Amazon is the #1 site for getting eBooks for touch pads such as the iPad. Saves me lots by not having to drive to buy a more expensive physical book

      3. I use amazon kindle as well for all my books so would be happy to purchase via your amazon ad

    1. I have checked other graphs and nothing like this has happened. My guess is something near the equipment caused this. Maybe one of those Icelandic sheep butted it!
      if no records happen from now on then yes equipment has failed.
      PS I am not an expert on these things… just guessing

  2. I have added few more Amazon ads. They are from the Amazon stores that I have noticed that sell trough ads that I have on this blog.

    What has been left out are Amazon France, Italy and Canada. Since there was little to no selling on those Amazon stores from those ads. If anyone wants those ads back. Please let me know and I will add a small ad for it.

  3. Jon, you know the different Iceland volcanoes ,ash layers , lava etc.
    How about selling geological samples on E-bay. Volcanologists must pay handsomely for Icelandic samples.
    I wish I could help with money, but Forestry and agriculture are the poorest payed in the UK, I live hand to mouth, the computer is for work even.
    Selling rocks sounds daft(stupid), but google and try and find rock samples from the volcanoes in Iceland. There is a niche, there is a market.
    If you dismiss my idea, I will try to think of another. It is my nature. I like what you do so I will try to help…

  4. For those interested in documentaries. I recommended BBC Horizon “The Core” episode. It is Earth core. How good it is in terms of science I am not sure yet.

    1. WTF, I go for a sandwhich and play Dues ex and I come back to this… Can someone, please climb to the top and put a plug in Katla please. 😛

  5. Perhaps that harmonic tremor was minor due to the resistence which it now has broke. I think this is a new area for strong magma movement, isn’t it? I don’t recall one in this area.

    Another event that shows that Katla is very much alive and awake and marching towards the ER so she can get it out of her system and start to heal. She ain’t going back to sleep until she vomits IMO.

      1. Looks like the ghost quake is the one on the north west rim of katla, since this one happened exactly at the same time as the 3.2 quake.. which is strange if you ask me.. The 2.2 looks real but proper located yet..


      2. They would not have been visible you know since the time was to short in between.

        But, I think they are ghosts too. And that probably means that the quake will be calibrated upwards a bit.

  6. I think Pieter just one and I am loosing two bets in one go… It seems I will have to eat a Pieter hat and a Katla hat (since I bet that Hekla would blow before Katla).
    As soon as eruption is confirmed, remember I am not saying it has started yet, I will barbeque a hat infront of the Hekla Dalek cam.

    Goda tremor-chart is high (even though the wind is strong), very high;

    That much tremoring and those perfectly matched quakes at magma-reservoir “roof” depth makes me believe that Katla has started final run-up to eruption. Something I have said would not happen this year.
    Pieter, I guess we will se if there will be a lot of quaking now or not 🙂
    Cheers mate!

    1. Honestly I doubt so! This of course is a very interesting development, but I don’t think it’s time yet. Give it another 3-4 days of tremoring at least. I think Katla just gave us a very very small hint of what she’s doing. There is by this time no earthquake swarm ongoing and harmonic tremor has not occured, so this probably is just another tease of Mrs. Katla.

      1. Haha!
        Did we just switch stand-point? 🙂

        I did say “started the final run-up”, with that I meant the final motion untill eruptions, which could be anything from a a day to months… I think… 🙂

        But, I think I can see harmonic tremoring before the quake at slysalda and godabunga. And we did have a harmonic tremor spike last night. I think we have quite a lot of it right now actualy.

      2. Well it’s like.. Always when these ‘strong’ earthquakes happen beneath Katla, I remind myself of the 1967 and 77 events which included some M4-5 earthquakes. Nothing happened. An earthquake alone will not convince me of an impending eruption. Swarms, that’s what we need.
        By the way; those ’67 and ’77 are said to be the possible result of magma drainage from the Vestmannaeyjar eruptions.

      3. I guess we will see in a few days 🙂
        Thank you for telling me about the ‘7 quakes, if they where caused by drainage I would though think this quakeing was rather different.

      4. Maybe a lot of small quakes got lost in the noise, quite windy atm around Katla area


      5. Rule nr 1: I am always right :p
        Rule nr 2: In case in am not right rule nr 1 applies 🙂

  7. Good news. Google Adsense removed my hold on the account with them.

    I am going to write about the earthquake in Katla volcano caldera in just a bit.

    1. Oh gee, I was just getting ready to bash the heck out of giggle. I guess that will have to wait now….congrats Jon

  8. Very suspicius of that it might be starting some, although I miss one or more EQ , perhaps a 3,7 to 4,2. Only time will tell.

    1. I could live with a nice bunch of 3+ quakes instead of a single 4. Especially if they are working their way upwards.

      Time “We run and we run, to catch up with sun, but it’s sinking…” Pink Floyd

      1. Funny you should mention Pink. I wrote a long email recently to some friends outlining the injustices perpetrated on the American public while the pigs get fatter. Along with email, I sent an mp3 of “Pigs” from Animals. Very fitting for todays times.

      2. Ahem, and I who thought that the american pigs had been GMO:d so that they where fat-free and the public had gotten even more rotundaly challenged… 😉

  9. Of Course something interesting happened! I was busy this time . Things usually happen when I am asleep.
    I hope when Mrs Katla decides it is time to show off, the visibility will be better than today!
    I hasten to add although I would be interested to see her in action I very much wish the safety of all in Iceland and of course their livestock will be spared.

  10. I talked earlier with a geologist (mining, not volcanos).
    He pointed out that it is quite easy to check by polonium isotopy.
    In mines with complex ores it is sometimes used as a way to track with ore-body is which if they are intertwined. No ore to date has had the same isotopic content, so it is used as a “fingerprint”. The relation between 212Po and 216Po will be the same if the magma is the same, regardless of what has happened to it during the inbetween time.
    After giving me that tidbit he though told me in no uncertain terms that I am an idiot… using the same logic that Henrik did. After that he gave 2 examples of intermingled magmatic ores (Kiruna-orebody and Malmfälten orebody) where you have had eruptions where two or more separate feeders pumped magma up to the surface at the same time.
    So, after talking with one of the best in the field I am even more confused…

      1. Yepp, it must be related, hurricaneremnant + quake in Katla + Eruption in Klutchkevoi, it must all be related and caused by IASF (International Arsociation of Sheep Flyers).
        We have now proven the quakeruptisugarcane 🙂

  11. Well I’ve been lurking for far too long 🙂

    Katla is getting interesting.

    I wonder if she’ll blow just as the the remnants of hurricane Katia passes over 😮

  12. Are you saying that there is possible it was no earthquakes at all? That it was just wind?:P

    1. Oh, there was definitly one momma of a quake over at Katla. But the quake at Tindfjallajökull was probably a ghost-quake from the Katla-quake.
      Instead I and some others believe there has been more small quakes than is showing since the weather is very noisy today.

      1. Didn’t I tell you? After spending 8 hours of cooking butter-beans and making a hot stew of them I upended the bowl in my lap, ran out on my balcony screaming in pain while tearing of my steamingly hot pants.
        By then I noticed my silver-bearded neighbour wearing his best purple velour bath-robe over a pink silk nightgown and the silver embroidered purple wide-brimmed magicians hat (he had just been out strolling around so he was dressed up accordingly). He looked up sadly at me and uttered with a perfect stiff upper lip, “Tut tut, we doooo have stndards after aaaall…”
        On the other side of me is the unpronounceable embassy, and of course I had interupted their late-evening roof-top praying party…
        It was wuite simply one of those days when you cement your representation as “The Swedish Eccentric”…
        Ashamed and chastized thusly I went for Indian…

  13. At current rate I am going to cut far and deep into my savings if there are no donations this months or just few ones.

    But if that is it has to be. I am just going to deal with it and hope for the best.

    Donations help me get over this annoying time in my life when I am fixing my debt issue and preparing to move back to Denmark in the year 2013.

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