A ML3.2 earthquake (automatic size) happens in Katla volcano caldera

At 18:44 UTC a earthquake with the size ML3.2 and the depth of 2.9 km did happen in Katla volcano caldera (this size is based on automatic data and is going to be subject to a change).

The ML3.2 earthquake in Katla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Currently there is strong wind around Katla volcano. This strong wind is interfering with IMO SIL network around Katla. But so far no harmonic tremor has been detected after this earthquake.

This earthquake appears to have be formed due to magma intrusion into the rock in Katla volcano caldera. It’s signature on my geophone shows that clearly.

The Z component unfiltered. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence.

The Z component filtered at 1Hz. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence.

All the component on my geophone. This is unfiltered data. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence.

All the component on my geophone. This is filtered data at 1Hz. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence.

This might just be part of normal Katla volcano activity. But it is a fact that it has more earthquakes during the summer and autumn then during the winter. But it is close to impossible to know if this just normal activity or something else. All that can be done is to wait and see what happens.

Donations and Google Adsense

This is a off-topic post:

I once more have to ask for donations. As I have been doing for past few months. The reasons are simple and have remained unchanged as before (check older blog post for details). But the cost of school this winter is something I can handle on my own, but with debt payments it does not leave anything leftover for me to spend on other stuff and food during weekends. But in the dormitory where I live there is only food during the week, not on the weekend.

I also want to try and keep a balance in my finances until I move back to Denmark. My debt payments are going well to and almost on target so far.

Google Adsense

I am quitting with Google Adsense. The reason is quite simple. They have not paid me and they don’t answer my emails on what the problem might be. As my account is on invisible hold with them. My rule is simple. I don’t do business with companies that behaves like this. All Google Adsense ads are going to vanish in the next three days or so. But I remove them when I have the time to do so. That is going to take around three days in my estimate. Now if Google Adsense fixes this issue in timely manner I am not going to quit using them, for now anyway. But given the current track record on this type of issues, I do not think that is going to happen.

I am going to replace the Google Adsense ads with Amazon Ads. But I have had no problem what so ever with Amazon when it comes to ads and payments. So I am going to keep using them.

Google Adsense has removed the hold on my account, so I am going to get paid from the on 1. October and onwards. So this issue should now be fixed forever I hope. I have started to add Google Adsense ads back to my blog and web pages.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

Blog post updated at 20:06 UTC on 1. September 2011.

Blog post updated at 03:03 UTC on 3 October 2011.