Earthquake close to Hekla volcano. A earthquake swarm in Katla volcano

This has been a busy weekend in earthquakes, more then I was expecting. Here is a minor write up on the activity so far.

Hekla volcano:

A ML2.4 earthquake did happen close to Hekla volcano at 07:30 UTC. Depth of this earthquake was 3.7 km. The earthquake did happen on earthquake fault line that was created in a large earthquake in the year 1912. This fault line has been known since then and is well documented.

The SISZ earthquake this morning. This picture is released under Creative Common Licence. See Licence web page for more details.

Katla volcano:

Two new earthquake swarms took place in Katla volcano today. This earthquake started around 09:30 UTC this morning. Most of the earthquakes where smaller then ML1.0 in size. The depth was around 5.5 km on average. The largest earthquake was ML2.3 in size, with the depth of 5.5 km. That earthquake swarm was in Goðabunga area of Mýrdalsjökull glacier (Katla volcano). But here was also a minor earthquake swarm inside Katla volcano caldera. But in that earthquake swarm the earthquakes there where even smaller, most of those earthquake didn’t reach the size ML1.0. The earthquake swarm in Goðabunga area in Katla volcano might be due to dike intrusion in that area. I do not know if this might be something else. But given the data, this is the most likely the reason for this earthquake swarm in this area. The earthquake swarm did stop at 12:47 UTC. After that everything has been quiet so far.

Few earthquakes also did happen SE part of the Katla volcano caldera. But there have been earthquakes in this area since July. But this activity did start soon after the glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

All the earthquake swarms of today in Katla volcano, also the single earthquake close to Hekla volcano.

Icelandic news about this activity.

Mikið um smáskjálfta nærri Mýrdalsjökli (Ví
Jörð skelfur nálægt Hellu (Rú

Other: Short announcement. I have finally figured out how I am going to have my writing schedule. But my working period is going to be from 1. September to 1. June every year. This also means more activity on this blog and my other (Icelandic) blogs. During the summer time there is going to be reduced activity on all my blogs. But if something happens during the summer in earthquakes and volcanoes. I am going to write about it anyway or soon as I can do so.

Also note that I have started school to finish basic in electronic (house electronics and other basics in electronics). So I am busy during the day (most days). So my response might be slower then normal if anything happens in Iceland with earthquakes or volcano activity.

Other #2: I am having minor issues with uploading the gif images from my earthquake computer at the moment. So that is currently being done by the remote geophone computers at the moment. Because of this, there is no red colour if a large earthquakes happens in Iceland or close to a geophone station that I have up and running.