How donations help me II

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The earlier background information can be found here.

The saving project for the next 14 or so months

After what I call a rather expensive (more then expected and more what I liked) August. I am going to freeze my spending for the next 14 or so months. That means I am going to limit my spending as much that I can do during this time. But that is until I move back to Denmark in February 2013. I have to spend some money on food, maintenance on my computer and all necessary stuff. But I am going to limit that as I can possible do. I just hope that nothing dies or fails computer wise during this period.

My debt paying down plan is running good at current time. I do not expect any problems with it, at least nothing that I cannot balance out in the budget during the paying down period. At least that is what I hope actually happens. But I have to wait and see what happens actually.

How the donation button works

This might be obvious. But I am going to write it down anyway.

The “Donation” button is a single donation. It is what you want to donate. It is a free range of what people want to donate. The “Subscribe” donation button is fixed at €10, but that is $14.17, 8.7GBP, 74.51 DKK, 93.29 SEK (current exchange rate, this is a estimate). It runs for 6 months and then has to be renewed. I did not want to last for 12 months or longer. I did not find it to be fair to the people how donate, as things change change a lot in 6 months. This option was for people how might want to donate regularly. But not a large amount each time they donate.

People how want to donate in other currencies the Euro can do so. I support SEK, DKK, USD, GBP. If requested I can add more currencies that I can support. But it has to be a currency that might be used every once in a while. I do not want to support a currency that is never used for a donations.

The income problem

As I have told people before. I just have my income from social welfare. Something that I am to get my self off with income from e-book sales when the time comes. But at the moment this blog and a new blog that I am going to create are my work and provide a little bit of income during the month. This extra income helps in that sense it allows me to pay down my debt faster. But I would not go as far saying it allows me to collect some money in the long run. But I am going to do my best with saving money during this winter, as I need to do if if I want to move back to Denmark.

It is also a problem in Iceland in regards to income how prices are going up in regards to food and other stuff. I do however not expect this to be too big of a problem during the next 14 months or so while I am living in Iceland. I just hope that I make it out in time before the economic mess starts in Iceland. If people want to talk about it, they can do so here on my main Icelandic blog where I write about this in English or Icelandic if they fancy Google Translate errors.

I hope that my income problems gets less annoying when I start to publish my e-books. But I plan to release few short stories in few weeks time. Those are not long stories and won’t be expensive. At least I hope for the best when it comes to e-book sales.

As always I thank you for the support that I get with donations. 🙂

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    1. The activity on my Hekla geophone this morning was a car + some human walking around. Nothing else. Other then that, it is currently quiet in Iceland in terms of earthquakes.

  1. Oh! Thanks Jon. However can anyone explain the increased high frequency activity at Askja Please? I am not looking for eruption predictions I just want to know a possible reason for the change in pattern. The more I have explanations the more I will learn and not jump to the wrong conclusions. I am sure there are many more people like me who are gently feeling their way round the huge amount of information that is available.

  2. Hello Dagur,

    Do you mean that the hot spring can be seen on the cam? I am sorry I cannot figure out where the spring is. And what about the pattern of white lines on the bottom of the valley, is this (streaming) water?

  3. It is on the lowest part of the glacier, where the lagoon was, before the eruption.

    1. The white lines and area is Ice and then turns to water at the bottom, where the river starts. It is sunny and maybe the sun is making the Ice brighter?

      1. I tend to rather agree on that “steam” seen on webcam, there seems there possibly was small flood (stream of “warmer water”) coming down from edge of Gígjökull Glacier. It maybe have connection to very small EQ (-o,o at 0,6 km depth) this morning at 09:08 in EYJA top crater. Possibly a ice dam has let go and some meltwater flowed, nothing serious I hope. But we were all waiting last year of “second phase” in Eyjo, right?

        However there are some intresting strain going on between Hella and Hekla. It shows very vell on Borehole-Strain page, but no quakes (yet) in area. This had started well before NW TFZ quakes started. Possibly work in progress near IMO meter, only normal noise on Jons helicorder.

  4. @Jon, if any of your equipment breaks down or you need help with computer related issues, drop me a line, I might be able to supply some hardware or fix errors, but I am short on cash… I live in Iceland 🙂

    @sissel, yes this is the river Markarfljót.

    @dagur braga, please tell us what made you think there is a new hot-spring there. News-story link or something? I was at Gýgjökull just 4 days ago and no hot springs could be seen then.

    1. For earthquake computers (remote stations). I am always looking for cheap computers. They just have to work and run and that is all.

      I plan to add more geophones when I have the money to do so. But that cost, so I do not know how much the delay is going to be on setting up new geophones.

      1. Jon, I bet there’s at least a few people here that would like to set up their own geophones. Why don’t you see if the geophone manufacturers would like to advertise on your page?

      2. You could also charge people a few bucks to help them set up their own system. I bet that quite a few people in Iceland would enjoy geophones as a hobby. Maybe you could would end up with a citizen-owned seismic network of sorts.

    1. Compared photos, and I’d agree with Mafl. Unless you have visited personally the place to verify, that it really is steam and/or vapor, not snow & ice…

  5. It looks kind of like smoke in the webcam, but i belive it is just the glacier shimmering in the haze.

  6. I do not remember who it was, but someone complained about lack of events between 1-5 km depths at Katla… Well activity at just THAT depth has picked up during the last few days: 9 earthquakes between 1-5 km depths in the last 48 hours.

  7. You could do a hydrophone naming sell off to the highest bidder.

    Highest bidder for each hydrophone gets it named after them, show the name on the maps etc.

  8. I know there are alot of EQ´s within the Katla caldera and yes they are interesting and so on..

    But I am still hung up on the very precise area just south of Hábunga. Jon have you heard any explanation for that yet?

    Since the area is not prone to earthquakes (at least as far as I know having watched it for over a year) is it an intrusion forming? Given the locations up til now of all the earthquakes since the last glacial flood there seems to be 3 or maybe 4 areas which looks interesting. If the eruption comes is it possible that there will be several fissures opening up or maybe even a new caldera forming event?

  9. Sorry i meant to say “when” the eruption comes. And in the spirit of predicting the unpredictable I say anywhere between 1 week and 23 years.

  10. I was looking at the webcam of Eyjafjallajokull and that is not steam nor a hot spring. It is the just glaciar that is more bright in the area. Otherwise why would the steam cloud always remain with the same borders and limits around? It does not change when hours pass by. It is not a hot spring, as well as there was never any steam above Katla. People want to see things in the webcams that are not there.

    1. And notice that you have a slight change from east motion of GOLA to west, and from south to north instead. Small changes, but it kind of indicates that GOLA is being pushed to northwest. Might actually be something behind the idea of an upcoming eruption south of the crater.
      But the really odd one is that Lagu-Hvolar stoped moving to south a few days ago, and is now on a north trend to.
      I wonder a bit about it.
      Jón, has there ever been any recording of activity south of Katla? I mean out in the ocean like? Because if there has been influx of magma it is more to the south of Skammadalsholl. Bitch that they discontinued that tremorstation in fabruary…

      1. Inflation north of station Lágu-Hvolar might be reason for its north movement, but how do you explain AUST moving up and south?

      2. Sorry I am tired and most likely an idiot. For north movement to happen the magma influx is to the north of it… And since AUST is going south it is jolly well in the caldera. But then we have the west movement of Godabunga. Wonder said the flounder… Refilling of Eyja at work?
        I give up on understanding Myrdalsjökull untill I have slept.

      3. Exactly the opposite. ;p
        For north movement, the inflation source is south of the GPS station.
        It’s all kinda mixed up indeed, and especially for 1 am, I got to get some sleep. G’night!

      4. You see… To tired now.
        Only the King of Fools write it right the first time, then changes his mind and write it wrongly.
        You are very right. Thank you for clearing out my cob-webs 🙂

        So back to my question, what the hell is south of Katla? It is not Vestmannaeyjar, wront place…

        Have Iceland decided to build a walkbridge to England? I advice against it, they will only burn Reykjavik…

      5. Well, an EQ just off the coast south of Myrdalsjökull happened. Is that what you were talking about “recording of activity south of Katla”?

      6. Answering “la Strange” may answer you too.
        The village of Vik is surrounded by large and small mountains, actually. These were formed by eruptions, I guess, but nothing (except perhaps a few minor EQs?) indicate something will happen there. Might all be part of whole big picure (main caldera inflation).

      7. The only real thing I see is the upward trend of SOHO station, the rest is too small differenced to be accounted as something significant (look at error bars).

        So Katla still moves southwards, eastwards (as usual), and slightly upwards. It could be that the trend up is starting to speed up, but I am still to be convinced.

        Most of recent historical activity in Katla is at the south side of the caldera, but apparently within. I don’t know about those particular 2 spots outside of the caldera to its south, where earthquakes have been happening. It might be that they are just faults. The spot just outside the caldera is rather close to the site of the 1918 eruption. Close by there is also a lake which could well be a old crater. Of course, magma might find an easier way through the volcano flanks.

        The spot further south is a mountain ridge aligned S-N. This is quite “far” from the volcano slopes. I don’t know of any eruptive activity there, but there are plenty of lava rocks and lava formations in the south coast, by Vík.

        The only eruptive places I know outside of the caldera are to its west (Fimmvorduhals, which erupted last year) and northeast (Eldgjá), more or less in alignment with the rifting zone. And maybe in Sólheimarjokull, to the southwest.

      8. Geologically speaking, the activity is expected to move eastwards (and southwards too). So, it might be that in the future, new rifting fissure are going to open southeast of Katla, Laki and Grimsvotn. This is just an uneducated guess.

  11. Hi Jon

    Been following you since Eyja on eruptions. I am a lay person, social worker but love all the science. Anyway, what is that bright light on top of the glacier in the Katla Cam. Ever seen it before …been watching the cam for 2 years. Never seen a bright light on top of Katla before at night.

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