How donations help me

This is a off-topic post.

Here is a little background information on how donations help me in the long run and the short run.

First some background information

First when I did start the donation route. I was unsure about it. As it is not custom to ask for money in Iceland and in Icelandic culture it is short of shame. I do not know why that is. That is why it did feel uncomfortable doing this for the first time around. At current time my main stable income is social welfare that is around 150500 ISK, 910€, 1293$, 794 GBP, 6785 DKK at current exchange rate. It has moved up a little since I moved back to Iceland as it was due to some extra that I get on top of the basic social welfare when I am living in Iceland.

As can be seen this is not to live on. It is even less when I am paying down my debt as fast that I possible can. But I am going to try and pay down my debt in around 7 months. If I can do that, I can move back to Denmark in early in the year 2013. Then I can move without much problems.

Now the main story

But in order for all this to work up. I need slightly more income then I get from social welfare. As it turns out that I need to buy food (we human apparently need to eat to survive). But I also need to pay my bills. Both in Iceland and Denmark (mobile phone) but also what I need to buy to eat. Now, because I am going to school and I am going to be living in a dormitory (with a lot of 16 to 17 year old kids) I won’t have to buy food from Monday to Friday. Except snack and something of that nature. But I also plan to buy subscription to DR 1 to maintain my Danish while in Iceland.

Donations help me to pay the bills and buy food. But they also help me pay down my debt faster then I otherwise would have done.

What you get in return for donating

Endless supply for blog posts on what is going on in Iceland. I also give in details when I can what is going on in Iceland, and if I can why. People how donate also get a free e-book (only pdf format) if they want. But that is just e-books about past eruptions in Iceland. I also maintain this blog and do all the service parts that need to be done (that I can anyway) myself. I also answers all the emails that I get when I have the time to do so. I also provide live information from my geophone (started years earlier, but have now been integrated into this now).

The work behind each blog post

I do not know if people release this. But I put a great work into each and every blog post I make. I try to do my best when a eruption suddenly starts to get information on what is going on. This is also what people get when they donate. My work on each blog post about Icelandic volcano that is making it self heard in Iceland. But you also get blog post about earthquakes, harmonic tremors, glacier flood and everything else if it is related to Iceland geological activity. Sometimes if I have time I try to write about the history of Iceland past eruptions. But it takes me from 1 hour and up to 8 hours to write one blog post, depending on size and details of the blog post in question.

What about the advertisement ?

While advertisements is a attempt to increase my income with something else then donations. It is has not been going to so good, as the income is somewhat irregular and I might only get paid 1 to 4 month or not even that often. They do help, no doubt about that. But they depend on traffic and I only get high traffic when something interesting is happening.

What is planned for the future ?

This blog is going to be free as it has always been. I am considering opening up a forum with Invasion Power Board. But that also costs money, so I might not know when I get around to buy it. As it expensive and I am trying to save money to move back to Denmark. So it has made it into my todo list for now. When it might become a reality is a question. But no later then 2013 if everything goes according to plan.

I want to make a living of writing. This is just a step in that direction.

I also want to thank everything for the support so far. It helps more then you know! 🙂

P.S: I am going to publish my first short story soon as a e-book. When it might happen I am not sure yet. But it is just going to a really short story that I am about to publish.

Blog post updated at 18:13 UTC on 2.08.2011.

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  1. Jon,

    Ive been reading your blogs for well over a year now and wanna say they are excellent mate.

    Good luck for the future
    Geoff…from a London office

      1. Yes, that is ok. The “Subscribe” button is limited to 10 euro donations for 6 months. But the donation button is for people how want to donate. But not on regular basic.

  2. A little hint regarding Invision Power Board. After working with it for quite a few years i would like to point out that there is no need to go straight for that. Its a rather advanced forum software (and relatively bloated) and i would strongly recommend you to go for a free solution first. The free forums is often more than powerfull enough.

    If your forums become popular and you then feel that you need more features, then you can consider moving over to something else. And it will not be the performance of the forum software itself that is a issue before you reach several million posts/threads. The server hardware needed will start screaming before that, and then suddenly licences for IPB isnt so expensive.

    Neowin is one of the largest IPB forums out there and they (too) is tired of the bad performance it gives, so they are planning to launch a new custom software sometime. That should be interesting 🙂

    TL;TR: Start off with something free first and save the money. My 2 cents are the forum plugin for WordPress or something like MyBB.

    1. Great analysis and advice. I’m saving that in case I might use it in the future. WordPress forum plugin … good to know about that.

  3. Been following you for a whilen now, wish I could help more than this donation- but I guess every bit helps! Good luck andgood work!-Kris

  4. Þriðjudagur
    02.08.2011 20:50:38 63,633 -19,298 1,1 km 1,6 90,01 2,5 km VSV af Goðabungu

  5. I think ‘donation’ is the wrong word. The other word that also means an optional payment, ‘tip,’ is the right word because a tip is given for a service rendered. I agree that all regular readers should give some compensation to you for the service you provide.

  6. I prefer “contribution to up-keep” to “donation, ” but it all amounts to the same thing. I also hope that traffic to your blog remains good while you sort out your finances, although that has the obvious downside that volcanic activity would also have to be high.

    Keep on following your chosen path, keep on being one of my favourite bloggers, and I’ll make a donation next time I get paid! (Self-employed) 🙂

  7. How can anyone be too afraid, shamed or proud to ask for donations? I have no problem with that as you do provide an excellent service. My problem comes with the assertion that to ask for donations are problematic but the acceptance of “social welfare” is OK. Is not taking welfare a worse shame? Just because government takes from the rich and redistributes it to the poor, that makes is OK? I just don’t get this mentality. You have a special talent as a blogger…..why can’t you make it on your own without the government? You write this post as if social welfare is totally the norm. I truly fear for those and from those who have that sense of entitlement. I am poor too….but you will NEVER see me asking government or anyone else for help even if I am qualified. I will go without before asking anyone for help. No one owes me anything nor do I expect it. Maybe it’s time you figured out a way to grow up and do it on your own. Pride is really something to hang your hat on and taking from productive others, thru forced taxation from government, is nothing to be proud of. There is no shame in donations…….plenty of shame in social welfare. You lost my respect with this post.

    1. Oh, the glory of the right wing nutter..erm or not.

      I am working going off my social welfare, because it sucks to be poor. That is a fact that I have grown all to familiar with.

      But Rome was not build in a day and same goes with some income. It is hard to earn it and it is going to be a lot of work before I am going to have decent income to support me. But I am ready to deal with all that work, because I find that is better then too be poor rest of my life.

      In your case. I think that I am not going to care all too much about your respect. Since not all people in my country or other countries can make a living (or try to) like the way I am doing. Because of that they need the support from the government to make a living during the month.

      Social welfare is a way to support people when they need it. Some people need support all there life and I don’t see any shame in providing it. I pay taxes too you know.

      About the donations, you can read my answer above about that.

      1. ok kids, if it works in Iceland that’s their business. Now back to volcanoes.

    2. @ meddler
      I claim a state pension in the UK that is £50.00 per week.
      I would love to win the lottery and be free of having to make that money elastic. (Buying cheap food that has been reduced in supermarkets. Growing my own in my small garden.)
      I see many elderly people die every winter because they are too proud to ask for help.
      Should I add to that statistic? Maybe I should be left out on a Volcanic winter Ice flo with all other over 65’s who have lost their teeth and are a “Drain on society”
      Your blanket statements are of someone who has not done their research.

      There are many people who read this Blog, who come from different countries, with different values and cultures. In the UK for instance everyone is entitled to free healthcare and a small state pension. Our National Health Service is wonderful. I would be dead without it, literally!
      Please, keep this personal criticism to yourself here or start your own Blog.
      Respect for other people’s, cultures, dignity and feelings costs nothing.

      End of Rant !

      1. My only question is: when are people going to realize that the taking of government treasure now has to be paid back by our kids later? What about them and their future ability to live? Witness daily news……all nations are BROKE…..those that can pay, pay. But those that are in the worse financial condition try to cut back and lose to the rioters. This “social welfare cycle” must be eliminated as a mainstream way to live. Just remember the “problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples’ money”. When that happens chaos reigns and the breakdown of humanity is complete. I personally refuse to be a part of that.

      2. I think you make a grave error of judgement here and obviously have the American attitude that it is every man for himself. Here in Europe we care for our citizens, not throw them on the scrap heap in hard times.

        Yes, a certain amount of abuse come with that system, but overall it helps those in need. I have contributed many thousands of pounds in tax in my lifetime, some of which has gone to help those who are needy. Now I find myself in that situation of needing help. This is not shame. Stop being a disgraceful individual and start living as part of a community.

        One of the things we have lost and that contributes to the ills of this world is the sense of community and the extended family. Did anyone back in the past consider it a disgrace to feed Grandma in her dotage? No.

        Sorry but I have to but this bluntly, your American attitude stinks and is exactly the sort of attitude that has caused so many ills in the world and will bring your country to it’s knees.

      3. Well written David, I agree!
        But unfortunately I think Europe is currently losing some of its heart, but I hope people like yourself who has the guts to stand up and defend the sense of community can make a change!

  8. Jon, good post. Respect much what you’re doing. Your site is my go-to source for following what’s happening there in Iceland. I certainly plan to make a donation but somehow the size of it is mysteriously correlated to some BIG VOLCANIC ACTION. So, on that note, could you kindly arrange for a big, massive, humongous, smoky, ashy, devastating Katla eruption sometime in the near future? (VE-4, or better, please.) When the show begins I’ll chip in for the popcorn AND the beer! : )

    Red sunsets, here we come!

  9. Jon, with all due respect, why write short stories? You prove on this blog every day that you are talented at nonfiction and at communicating scientific information to the general public. I’m sure that somebody (magazine, newspaper, university, government) would pay you for the service.

  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I really enjoy reading this blog.
    I have send you a small contribution and encourage other readers to do the same:)

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