Small earthquake swarm in Katla volcano caldera

At the moment there appears to be a small earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. Currently this is just a earthquake swarm. All the tremor plots are normal and show no signs of harmonic tremors and magma on the move. The largest earthquake in this earthquake swarm in inside Katla volcano caldera was a ML1.3 with the depth of 1.7 km according to reviewed data from Icelandic Met Office.

The earthquake swarm in Katla voclano. It is deep inside Katla volcano caldera as can clearly be seen. Copyright of this picture belongs in Icelandic Met Office.

The ML1.3 earthquake as I did record it on my Heklubyggð geophone. Given the shape and how low period this earthquake is. I would say that it was created by magma pushing upwards in the crust inside Katla volcano caldera. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence, see the licence web page for more details.

At the moment (when this is written) it seems that this earthquake swarm is over. For the moment anyway. But it hard to know for sure if it resumes or something else starts in Katla volcano.

Update 1: A earthquake with the magnitude ML3.8 did happen in Katla volcano caldera at 02:02 UTC. Following this earthquake there have been many aftershocks. It is not yet clear if this means that Katla volcano is starting a eruption or not. But that should be clear in few hours if that is the case or not.

The ML3.8 earthquake that happened at 02:02 UTC. This is by the automatic SIL system, so it’s size can change. This picture is released under Creative Commons licence, see the licence web page for more details.

The location of the ML3.8 earthquake in Katla volcano caldera and the following aftershocks. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Blog post updated at 02:26 UTC on 18. July 2011.
Blog post updated at 02:40 UTC on 18. July 2011.

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    1. Clouds in the foreground. Hekla is often shrouded in clouds around the summit.

  1. I didn’t mean an eruptive plume. But steam. Geothermical steam. I had seen it before.
    You can see hoe high it goes and heads towards the cam.

    1. I agree with you Renato, and you explain it very well… steam from the termic difference between heat from the volcano and cold air.

    2. Didn’t you see steam coming out of the craters formed during last jokülhlaups?
      That day I saw it too, from yhe same spot. And then again yesterday. Now I was looking at the cam, there was nothing. 10 seconds later, I saw thgre plumes rising from three different spots.
      Now only one is left.
      Why couldn’t it be a steam plume, like in Blue lagoon or Yellowstone?

    3. There is no steam from Katla volcano. The event that took place on 8 to 9 July never did break the ice. But the glacier there is about 300 meters thick.

      So it is just sun and water vapour that you are seeing.

  2. I think it might be worth reminding for people glued to webcams that if an eruption is going to happen there will be massive tremors and earthquakes for at least hours if not days before anything will be visible on those webcams.

    If you want to watch something close for sudden developments then earthquakes and tremors would be a better place. 🙂 But of course if you do that you just get to see graphs and charts and miss the beautiful Iceland landscape and cloudscape on the webcams. 😀

  3. Did you people see the video? All those craters formed during the glacial floods? There was steam spewing out of the cracks. I think that’s originating these weird formations we’ve been seeing at Katla.

    1. I ‘ve been gazing at those cams since Eyjaf’s eruption, because the landscape is so beautiful. And I always was blamed to be the one pointing out that there wer no unusual stuff happening there. But never saw the kind of thing we did see now. As this insect there is right now at the lens. 🙂

    2. Renato, you said: “There was steam spewing out of the cracks.”
      Which video do you mean here? I saw the cauldrons but no steam. Ans I did see strange plumes on the webcam.

      For some reason I’m not able to make stills with Print Screen anymore, the volcano images disappear when I paste them. Anybody got a solution?

      1. Sissel, watch the videos carefully and you will see some steam accumulated in the bottom, like with “dry ice”.
        And I can’t grab shots from RUV cameras, I’ve tried in many different ways. 🙁

      2. I can see the steam.

        Once in a while it works with Prt Scr, this morning I was able to make ONE single shot. But all the next attempts failed. With other cams, not from ruv, it just works.

        Such a pity because sometimes you see things on the cam you really want to save, like the steam now.

        I’ve also got shots from Eyaflallajökul last year with unexplained appearances, hope one day to find somebody who knows what they show. But without the images that would be impossible.

      3. I just wonder how those timelapses shown by our colleagues are made. Even from RUV cams…

      4. I use VLC works well and has button image capture and video recording
        VLC is free download.
        also has image adjustments.

      5. to grab stills, download a program called ‘7 capture’. Google it. Once installed, pin it to your taskbar. Every time you want to grab, you need to open this program FIRST. so, open it, minimise it, or simply just pull up the screen you want to grab, do your screen grab by pressing the up button and Prt Scrn, this grabs it into the 7 capture window. Pull up the 7 Capture window, then name it and save it wherever you want.

        I do so many grabs I just open it as a force of habit then minimise it, so if I see anything, I’m always ready to grab it.

        I had the same problem with the screen capture of Windows, then trying to use Paint to save it. The pic saved was so small you couldn’t see anything, but what I do above has solved that.

  4. Looks like those clouds are forming all around the edges of the glacier. Maybe Luis is right. There’s a difference between air temperatures and the heated waters from the volcano. Makes sense to me.

    1. The volcanic plume is allways passing and loosing heat to the rocks, and in the volcano spot this is more strong. Then you have the ice cap and the cold air… this will produce steam. This steam is not the result of an iminent eruption but the presence of the heat.

      1. You can see them forming now. Maybe those little quakes force them out of their “holes”. 🙂

      2. And they coalesce and condensate above in a regular cloud, which is then blown by the wind. How interesting. You can see a girdle of little clouds around the glacier. A big tip of a pan letting steam be released at the borders.

      3. See now? Another steam plume is rising from wind ascending currents.

    1. Yes, temperature inversion makes clouds stay near the ground in the valleys.
      But we were seeing a different type of cloud here, I guess. At the fringe of different surfaces, albeit the principles are the same.
      Thanks for the feed-back.

      1. I watched those “steam” clouds too and they looked very energetic, visibly roiling as I watched. If I’d seen them in the American Midwest I’d have thought they were from a super cell containing a tornado.

      2. More orographic clouds appear, the wind stops moisture to move up a hillside, and more if you find a cold surface where the air loses moisture much more

  5. Anyone looked at askja recently. It’s probably nothing of note, I just think she’s looking a little more spiky than usual.

  6. The “plumes” also reminded me of tornado funnel clouds.
    The only way to know for sure is go there and get a sample of the waters dripping immediately from the edges of the glacier.
    I bet the temperatures are much higher than 10 º C.

    1. Just take a look now. Not the carpet of water vapor stuck at the valleys by thermal inversion, but rising steam from a warmer-than-air source at the fringes of the glacier and flowing rivulets formed by melting.

      1. They are far-reaching plumes: temperatures must be high to keep them going.

      2. I do not see so clear, I do not see inversion, inversion fogs form and would be a sea of ​​clouds from above and the atmospheric preion is not as high,

      3. Renato, I cannot see any plumes. The only thing I see is clouds, and I have been trying for several hours.

        Are you sure its really steam columns?
        Have you got the shots/pictures where you saw the supposed columns?

        Could be steam due to heat, as you say, but could be orographic clouds. So far, I only see clouds in Katla, and I doubt you are really seeing steam, but I might be wrong. I can assure you that sometimes clouds can stand still over the glaciers exactly like columns, as I often see it here in South Iceland.

        “Print screen” always works for me to grab those webcam pictures.

      4. Irpsit:
        I am trying to learn how to grab the shots.
        The steaming has coalesced into clouds now, but they were clearly visible a while ago. You could see the sources of the steaming right at the edges of the glacier. I tell you, those weren’t the usual orographic clouds I’ve been seeing at Katla for a year of daily observations.
        Only plane steaming rising from a warm source, just like at Geysir orYellowstone. Not jets of water. Just slowly rising steam plumes.

      5. @Renato Rio, There have not been any reports about new hydrothermal area in a glacier free area in Katla volcano.

        If that where to happen, it would be news.

  7. Good morning all, great blog you have here. Could somebody
    put up some links to the web cameras. Thank You

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    Anyway, just an idea! 🙂

    1. I rather want to be honest in what I do then to annoy people with ads that they might not want. I respect people view in this matters.

      I just use Google Adsense and Amazon. It is good enough for me. But so far the reader base is rather small at the moment, so income is low for that reason.

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      Face masks are only useful if you are close to volcano ash cloud. That would only be useful for Icelanders in the most affected areas. People in Europe won’t feel any different I think when it comes to ash clouds from Iceland. As most of the ash is out of the air when it reaches them.

      Thanks for the idea. But I don’t think it is in line with what I am doing here.

      1. I commend your integrity! 🙂

        Of course, I am aware of the limited benefit of face masks, but I do marketing as part of my job and it is very much about any opportunity being a good opportunity, so long as it is in the right place at the right time! It doesn’t need to be intrusive, whatever the product.

        You are also doing an important job here, even if it is a hobby to you. I don’t know any better English-language web page than yours for finding out the current volcano situation in Iceland! You are entitled to gain income from that, one way or another.

        Please do work hard on the e-books while Europe is still on edge about airport closures – we love our information, but only while it is fashionable!

      2. I have seen too many good web site destroyed by too intrusive advertising in a bad attempt to make a income. I won’t let it happen to my web sites.

        I am sure that I am going to make a good income in the future from this web site. But this blog is less then 1 years old, so I am not too worried about the current flow of income from the web site from the ads.

        I am much more worried on how broke I going to be after September (thanks for the donations how did provide them! They are going to help me trough August it seems.). But I hope to figure something out by then. I hope.

      3. I think You’re exactly on the right path. Your site provides good information and offer a basis for open-minded, free thinking between enthousiasts. The more it brings You, the happier I am for You.
        But running after “succes”, using too many publicistic and journalistic methods or trying to please them could make Your site slip into the mediocre. Let academy do it’s work when it’s about hard science, les governments do the prevention and alert stuff, and enjoy this passion for volcanoes and Iceland with friends. This enthousiasm and freedom (You’re not bound to so many rules, laws, budgets) is Your strength.
        Go on following Your principles. You’re the one who knows best. Need a proof? Over 1 millions clicks and already a bunch of addicts.
        And I really appreciate Your integrity!

  9. I don’t know about face masks, but after Eyjaf’s flight disruption last year and looking at the duration of Cordon Caulle’s eruption and the disruptions it has and still will cause, I wonder what would come out of such an eruption in Iceland.
    Reports at official sites are rather laconic, and I agree they should act so, because they have to be cautious not to spread fear among people, and get the heads cut, like they did in Italy. But, in a narrower perspective, only for companies, I don’t think they will be at all scared to hear more realistic forecasts so they may take the necessary precautions. Don’t know.

    1. Heh… face masks.

      I keep a set of N95 and N100 particulate masks here at the house. Even have a set for volatiles. I also have about 10 lbs of activated charcoal stored away should I need to quickly need to make a conversion to chem contaminants.

      Lunatic or cautious. You decide.

  10. Get an e-book out (even a 20 page short one that costs a few pence but is properly referenced!) on Kaltla’s eruptive history – every journalist in Europe could be referencing it within a few days/weeks/months! 🙂

  11. I see Katla having another small EQ swarm around 22:00 local time either tomorrow or the next day, very similar to last night with one 3+ .

    As for tonight, looks unlikely for anything interesting to happen.. I can sleep 🙂

  12. A group of 5 v.small EQ’s in the caldera from 1:20 about…increased activity on the way?…did I speak too soon about the next minor swarm…hmmm 😀

    1. Jon’s Helicorder, Godabunga tremor plot and SIL stations around Katla don’t show anything strange. It looks like it was a short earthquake burst.

      1. Just noticed that now.
        All eyes keeping close look at Etna, who is showing an unusual, dangerous, behaviour…

  13. Yes had a look on them all myself…

    Just looking back to the start of last night, it was a small first burst of a few small quakes, then increasing till we got a 3.8…so maybe something will come later, but I wouldn’t be suprised if nothing further happens as Jons software currently suggest.

  14. Good Morning Jon and fellow watchers.
    All is quiet.

    Jon I admire your integrity about this site. I think us regulars and other site owners appreciate just how honest, accurate and anti- mongering it is. However I think Cathy is so right in saying, there could be an eBook about Icelandic vulcanicity, The Katla area to start with aimed at really raw novices such as most journalists. A book that is simple, accurate and explanitory in a form that is scientific yet not too complex, you would be wise to have this ready ASAP.
    You would not be damaging your site, more, you would be enhancing it you would be providing a valuable service. All it would be is all the questions we ask here answered in one volume. ( Cover even the silliest questions without judgement. Remember many of your readers these days have not even studied the most basic physical geography. Well this is true for UK schools!! Very sad but true.)
    Also in the book could be simple phonetic pronunciations of common Icelandic names or words associated with the subject. I had such a laugh about everyone trying to pronounce Eyafalla……. errrrm!!!!!!!

    Then you could write more detailed books about say each area of Iceland.. or whatever you have already planned.
    Sorry but I have got all excited for you it is a really good suggestion of Cathy’s
    Get writing Jon. We will watch things here and give you a nudge if anything happens whilst you are writing. Lol 😀

    1. I actually look at books (both e-books and normal books) a different type of project. Even if the subject might be in some cases the same as in this blog.

      There already have been written good books about Iceland and it’s geology by people how know far more then I do. But I plan to write books about what I actually know rather well. Since I do not want to write any nonsense in this regards.

      I am yet to buy this book. But I think it might be good read.

      I am also no language expert at the moment.

      I do my best to cover questions here. Rather then putting them into a book form.

      I will have time to write my books about recent eruptions in Iceland. It actually is just a matter of time now.

  15. Hi all, I dont know if this is a problem with everyone or just me but… the last 2 eartquakes at the Katla caldera have not shown up a magnitude on IMO for me! 🙂

    1. Click on the Table tab. They are -0.2 and -0.5, earthquakes below 0.0 don’t appear on the plot below the map. Very small earthquakes.

    2. Hi Sam – I noticed this before – apparently it is because they are too small to show on the chart. They are -0.2 and -0.5.

    3. @Sam
      Click on the link that says Table above the map and you should find them. The last two were negative magnitudes (very small earthquakes) and therefore the little red dots on the time and magnitude table would actually fall below the 0 magnitude line, so that is why they didn’t show up there.

    1. What can they do. If they go out and proclaim that they think that something maybe will happen within foreseeable time. Should they evacuate?. They do not want to cause panic and lose reputation.

    2. I guess the Tweet originates from a story in Morgunblaðið (Icelandic Newspaper) online last night:
      Helgi Björnsson geophysicist says there is every reason to monitor the area of Mýrdalsjökull glacier well, there are daily changes going on.
      The area where the 3,8 earthquake hit was overflown by a helicopter. There are no signs of eruption or upheaval at that spot. However there have been considerable changes in the glacier in the days since the flooding in Múlakvísl took place.
      The calderas have become deeper and the cracks or crevises around them larger.

  16. Hi, I don’t really know much about all this, it’s pretty new to me…
    However, I’m getting to grips with it all!

    1. Important to get a sample????. This shows again that intelligence and wisdom is different things. How about getting some technology?????

    2. I am sorry but this incident does not help the credibility of Volcanologists. To any lay person ( and to practising scientists) it seems that the term “Mad scientist” is very apt. Or more frighteningly….. “If he could approach a lava lake that close then we in the town below the Volcano will be fine”. We can always buy masks and heat resistant suits and stay where we are!! Believe it or not people really do think like this. Look how many built Fall out shelters in the height of the nuclear Cold war years.

      1. And I thought I was too dangerously close last year when Fimmvorduhals was already over in July. Lava was still standing there, but I was too afraid to come close to it. Anyways it was very hot and the soil was cracking, and one of my boots was partially melted/burnt.

        I would like to go there again, but now with Katla awakening, and that fissure is a mere couple of kms to Katla.

      2. I don’t believe what i’ve just watched!! It would have been safer (just about) to wait for it to overtop the rim of the lake if he wanted a sample THAT badly!

    3. I was literally just watching that ten minutes ago – it’s from Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I found myself wincing for a solid few minutes about that mad volcanologist, in addition to some of Richard’s terminology (“crater” instead of “caldera” for example) but it was worth watching. A bit simple at times, for the viewers who don’t already know some of the concepts, but still very interesting. 🙂

  17. The latest short EQ burst is visible on Jon’s Hekla Helicorder. But is what can be seen it more than a simple earthquake?

    1. Not sure I understand Mr Moho?

      19.07.2011 08:37:46 63.645 -19.175 1.0 km 1.0 90.02 3.7 km E of Goðabunga
      19.07.2011 08:35:30 63.979 -20.021 7.7 km 0.5 68.03 13.2 km ESE of Árnes

      Quality on the first is only 68.03 though.

      1. I was wondering is the weak signal that can be seen on Jon’s Hekla helicorder could be a short tremor burst, tornillo, etc. instead of one of the actual earthquakes occurred at around 08:35 UTC.

      2. It looks to me like the 1.0 magnitude at 08:37.
        Maybe if Jon is around he can take a closer look to see if it looks like a tornillo.

      3. Ah sorry, I did not immediately notice there was an earthquake close to Hekla. So that must be it. I thought it was something from Katla.

  18. This article shows that what happens now at katla also happened at the time surrounding the last Hekla eruption. Could it be Hekla that is coming soon. The period is correct.

  19. @Mr Moho, ah you are right, 13.2 km ESE of Árnes, I missed that too! 🙂

    1. It’s looking a bit more settled then yesterday I think, tbh think it is picking up stuff going on in alaska. If that is possible.

  20. Hi Jon et al, just been browsing the posts over the weekend, definitely a dopamine fuelled few days!

    Read the comments Cathy and Diana wrote about your situation and in essence concur, have also followed the modern survival blog for a while. Us men have got to learn, the girls are always right when it comes to money, as they generally spend far more of it!

    A quick bit of back round to add perspective to my comments, I have studied natural sciences (mentioned this before),its similar to earth sciences but includes solar system and universe down to the quarks and quasars, (and quite traditional ! @geoloco ) . About ten years ago decided to move to a remote location on top of a mountain ( well large hill!) build a cabin, live off the grid with my ten malamutes and be as self sufficient as possible. Issue s money! Don’t need a lot but in my location and lifestyle difficult to come by. Further to this my last partner was a professional writer so I’ve seen have difficult this can be. In the end ideas for the future are essential but you also have to put bread on the table each day. If you are determined to live a lifestyle without credit and credit cards (as I have) it makes it doubly difficult with a career like writing because the income is generally so irregular. A small regular income is almost essential to remove pressure to enable you write and also continue developing this site.

    Having read your comments still feel you could go along the lines you have so far but expand them slightly with out cluttering up the site or losing integrity. I have noticed, as with all blogs, newbie’s asking similar if not the same questions that have already been covered. Both historical data and technical. Many people don’t have the time or inclination to go through the blog archives or web to find the answers.

    Suggestion, a small ebook sold on your site, for a few $ s, Basic history of Iceland and historical data of the various volcano’s, basic geological terminology and concepts. Guide to reading/interpreting various recording instruments. Links to various informative web sites and web cams etc. Also any topics which reoccur on the blogs. Enabling a new user to have a shed full of information at a click of a mouse for a couple of dollars/euros etc. This would be more of a guide than a book, which you could update regularly. Having this information might also encourage new people to participate even more as they would be more informed and less lightly to say something silly!! Although have to say your site amazingly helpful to newcomers. Your English is more than good enough and you could always get people to proof read it. Further if you decided its an idea, do it soon. Katla’s waking up, and you would need to do it before she gets out of bed! Sorry everyone for the long comment.

    1. Jón:
      Listen to Mitch.
      I totally agree with him and have been studying similar possibilities such as his.
      For instance: there are posts that you have placed here over this blog that could be made into an e-book with no or little changes, or even you could leave them available subject to a certain amount from us readers. I mean, the real classic ones.
      Great idea, Mitch!

      1. I totally agree with Diana, Mitch and Renato. And I’m sure there are plenty of native speakers here who are willing to do the proofreading or even some DTP to make the guide look great as well with some photo’s, graphics and nice typesetting. Some here might even consider doing a translation into their native language?

    2. @ Mitch… Oh Yes! I can spend money well!!! However I am also an expert on making it stretch like elastic!
      I love the sound of your lifestyle. Very much trying to be as self sufficient as possible here for the last “n” number of years. grow my own veggies but no room for livestock in my tiny garden!
      Money is essential but most stuff is a clutter and not necessary.
      @ Jon
      Please listen to Mitch. That is just what I think Newbies will need when the great ash cloud floats over Europe and even North America. You will fing a ready market and as Mitch says most people are basically lazy and want answers served up instantly and in a readily digestable form. Not so much an eBook more as he says a guide.
      As for your English. It is fine. It’s 100% better than my Icelandic!! Also you will have a ready supply of proof readers willing I am sure to volunteer and expect no payment. I would be the first to sign up!
      Go for it!
      I have hunted on eBay, Amazon, ebid and Google. Trust me there is no book suitable for would be Icelandic Volcano watchers. Most are far too advanced! This would be a nice niche market.

      1. I totally agree I am a complete novice and hardly ever post on here for the fear of looking stupid as I have very little knowledge of Iceland, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. A Basic Guide would be much appreciated without me having to look back on previous blogs for the answer.

        You definately have might support

    3. @Mitch, I am not going to go as far as you have done. But I am going to live debt free, it can be done but without having to move up in the mountains.

      The bank system works different in Denmark then in Iceland (and the U.S for that matter). They offer cards that act both like debit card and credit card. But you can only spend what you own on it. Nothing more. That is what I am going with in this plan of mine. But I have to pay up the debt that I have with the Icelandic bank. I want to do that soon as possible.

      In terms of income I get steady income from social welfare (I have aspergers syndrome at low levels). But if my income from books gets high enough I loose then. But then I won’t be needing it anyway.

      In terms of writing a e-book guide. It might well be a good idea to do so. I guess it won’t have to be that big. But I will only be able to guide people on how to read my own webicorder data. As the images from Icelandic Met Office belongs to them and I don’t think that I am able to use them without permission. A permission might cost a lot of money. So I won’t go that path.

    4. No matter if a post is long. Always a pleasure read clever people’s thoughts.

      1. I always thought credit cards were a bad idea & so have never had one, i’ve never known any debts either (so far). I go down the road of ‘if i can’t afford it i can’t have it’ or i try & save up for it. It doesn’t suit everyone but it works for me.

      2. Just see it exactly like You. No good reason for depts. Excepts for the house, that might be a special case…

    1. LOL Diana – I just put might – when it should have read my (or even mighty support)

    1. “Lack of dopamine I sense in You” would be an alternative way to say it…
      Sorry, weak one – had a bit of a hard day. Tunnel with 20000 vehicles a day beginning to be I stable and I have to tell them what to do. Erm, fill it up and dig a new one… ha, ha, ha…

    2. Just book a flight to Iceland.

      I am thinking travelling to Katla are this weekend. Just for the dopamine boost. Well, actually, I would be about 30km from it, near Landmannalaugar /Torfajokull volcano.

  21. It’s rather quiet…I’m still going for a swarm like the other nights, but with more smaller EQ’s, and one large one again, either tonight or early tomorrow…

    I’ve been looking at the chart with the EQ symbolised by the dots which change color, and it seems, like a heart beat, EQ’s happen more frequent at certain times of day, and certain lenghts of time apart…so I’m going for minor swarm like the other night from around 22:00 Icelandic time for several hours tonight, into tomorrow…..I’m probably wrong, but I love to make predictions! Nothing better than calling something right for once 😀

    1. <<<<<< Toddles off to make sandwiches, a flask of cocoa and a couple of crates of Red Bull ready for the night's waiting. 😀 (Things always happen just after I retire to bed!) :S

  22. Hi Jon et al
    I completely agree with Mitch and Diana and everyone else, an ebook would be fantastic. Like most “watchers” I rarely comment for fear of sounding stupid though I avidly tune in every day….and with 1 million ( my guess is 1001470) counters then most of us are secretly watching what is going on…congratulations.
    I would happily proof read your ebook for free as this is what I do in my spare time!!
    Keep up the exceptional blog and thanks for all the imput from everyone. A great read!

  23. Always good to make predictions! Does anyone have a guess for the next time an EQ will take place? Also does anyone know how to get the live webcam to work on windows 7? 🙂

  24. SIL stations around Katla are showing a quick increment in low frequency readings at the moment. Could it be due to weather? It doesn’t look like it, seeing meteorological data, but I could be wrong.

    1. It«s the weather YES!

      There is a huge thunderstorm right over Katla right now.
      I can see it from here (I live west of Katla)

      There is also another big thunderstorm over Langjokull.

      Its a very rare weather. It was hot, about 25ºC and lots of convection, so thunderstorms are brewing everywhere in the highlands. I never imagine that this kind of weather could happen in Iceland.

      1. You guy need to spend one July high up in the alps. Thunders echoing between the peaks, big clouds rising fast, hail, 100 liters per square meter in an hour, smallest rivers blowing to beasts, spontaneous landslides… And You can dopamine kick yourself by watching it come one the radar – if You feel like taking a computer up there; I never do, like to get rid of it…

      2. Best thing after volcanoes…

        Some years ago we climbed the Stromboly, and while You felt the rumbling of the eruptions beneath Your feet, some km next to us you could see a thunderstorm. I’ll never forget it until my end…

        Erm, well, of course my children’s births were quite special moments too… 🙂

        My Jack Russel’s first poo in the car will hopefully not be the last thing I think of. Can’t imagine the memories of our new friend with the 10 malamutes…

      1. I remember being in Landmannalaugar a few years ago & the area had thundery rain just after finishing a short stoll there. We were told at the time they had a thunderstorm there a couple days before. For some reason where i live we haven’t had a thunderstorm for a good few years! 🙁
        Anyone have anymore news on the Kleifarvatn lake hot springs?

  25. IMO have added a couple small quakes at Katla from a few hours ago that were missing.

  26. Has the camera fallen over? Looks like a completely different picture compared with a few minutes ago!

      1. I liked it when it was zoomed!
        Now it is back to normal.
        We would not have had that discussion from yesterday’s clouds if it was zoomed the way it was.

      2. For a moment I thought I could see the surface of Mýrdal glacier full of holes and cracks.
        I wonder if all that dark ash deposited from Grimsvötn eruption doesn’t contribute to accelerate the melting process under sunny conditions, due to increased heat absorption.

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