1 million views on this blog

This blog has reached a important milestone. It has had this many views in less then 1 year since I did start it. But I did start this blog in September 2010. Few months after Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption.

Here is the latest number from my web counter: 1,001,099

I want to say thank you to all of you how read this blog. But this many readers make this blog worth it in so many ways.

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  1. Why are you not using Google AdSense?
    With that many views you could get some revenue.

  2. Congratulations! It’s a good birthday present to you… and how many posts so far?

  3. That’s amazing Jon. You really do need to get Google adsense on here. Then we can all click on the ads and you get money.

    1. I already have Google Adsense, along with Amazon ads.

      But I must point out that Google Adsense forbids clicking campagins as you are suggests. Stunt likes that can get me banned of Google Adsens forever. It’s in there rules, so I have to respect them and let you to know that you also have to respect them if I want to hold on to Google adsense.

  4. A other off-topic question.

    Does anyone know where I can get Toshiba “mk3259gx hdd2h93 z zk01 b” hard drive (it is a small hard drive). I did do a wrong usb connection on a mother board for my friend and it seems to have killed his removable hard drive when it was connected to the wrongly connected USB port. The fault was wrong polarity or voltage.

    Now the drive does not turn on (tested in a new usb box). So I just think that it’s control plate is dead and nothing else. If I replace that I should be able to start the drive to backup the data on it and move it to a new hard drive.

    Thanks for the help.

  5. Congratulations Jon on getting so many hits.

    I strongly agree with the others above that mentioned Google Adsense etc!

    1. Ah Im sorry, I never knew you had ads here because I have ABP installed. I have disabled it for your site and now when I see some ads that interest me I will click on them. : )

  6. So cool!
    Keep Your feet firmly down on earth and go on exactly like until now. Quality will make it’s way.

  7. For those who frequent this excellent site who can access the BBC iPlayer, the BBC is currently broadcasting a programme with Julia Bradbury walking through Iceland up to
    Eyjafjallajökull. Great photography, great volcanic landscapes….though some of you may want to throw rocks at the television when you hear the commentary. Whoever wrote the script needs a kick up the pants. Apparently two continental plates are being pushed apart by volcanoes.
    It should be available on iplayer by tomorrow. You may need a uk proxy to view it.

    1. What’s the programme called? I’ll check it out tomorrow. Maybe with the “mute” button pressed! 😉

  8. Congrats! Your blog is great- both in quality and necessity- at least for a European tourist these days- thanks a mill

  9. Congradulations Jon! Great idea on starting the blog and the devotion to it has kept it strong since.

    I am going to make a prediction (geez, another one Ron?). The traffic to this site will increase more than 10 fold by this time next year.

  10. Congratulations Jon. I agree with GeoLoco. The quality of the information here is excellent, hence you get repeat hits to the site. You are right to follow rules . I for one will from now on come here to enter the Amazon website so that you will gain from my visits. I don’t buy a lot on line but every little helps!

  11. I want to make my living on writing about volcanoes and earthquakes (one of my favourite hobbies out of many hobbies that I have) and writing books.

    I hope that one day I can do so. 🙂

  12. jon i will make a donation on the 27th it wont be a lot but i will try to make a donation once a month, as i think what youve achieved with this blog is amazing and wonderful.

    Keep up the good work jon .

  13. Congrats on this milestone, that is quite an achievement in less than a year! You should be very proud.

    I keep coming back because your blog is perfectly pitched to the intelligent non-expert like myself, and I have learned a lot through being here, both from you and everyone who comments. Great blog, great community! 🙂

  14. Jon – I’m sure some airlines and other corporate entities would pay a handsome sum for advance warning of volcanic events in Iceland, newspapers too!

  15. Katla volcano is having a earthquake swarm that started with a tornillo earthquake. I am going to post update in few moments time.

    (Still checking data and doing other things at the same time.)

    1. It would be interesting if you posted a spectogram (or spectra view) of the tornillo. They have a very peculiar “signature”.

  16. Congratulations and greetings from Finland. Your blog is very enjoyable to read and also a good place for people to gather and discuss on these topics. I check here regularly so keep up the good work. Thank you!

  17. Sunday
    17.07.2011 22:47:32 63.652 -19.098 0.2 km 1.8 90.02 7.6 km E of Goðabunga
    17.07.2011 22:34:24 63.642 -19.140 0.5 km -0.1 99.0 5.4 km E of Goðabunga
    17.07.2011 22:34:00 63.643 -19.152 0.1 km -0.2 99.0 4.8 km E of Goðabunga
    17.07.2011 22:32:09 63.641 -19.138 2.1 km -0.1 99.0 5.5 km E of Goðabunga
    17.07.2011 22:28:18 63.647 -19.121 1.7 km 1.5 99.0 6.4 km E of Goðabunga
    17.07.2011 22:27:36 63.637 -19.122 4.2 km 0.1 81.52 6.3 km E of Goðabunga

  18. Congratulations Jón, awesome number but I’m not surprised that your blog is read.
    Hat off for your hard work and patience when you reply novices like me.

  19. Well done Jon! Excellent Blog and I check it every day. I think the Icelandic volcanoes have the potential to alter the world weather significantly if we get a major eruption. Keep up the good work.
    From Port Bouvard Marina, Mandurah, Western Australia.

  20. Thanks for your great info on iceland and it’s volcanos. I’ve An. Everyday reader for one tear now.
    Good work!!!

  21. Tried a google search for it with not much success, even looked on Toshiba Europe website, couldn’t find it. Congrats on 1 million views.

    1. I did search too. But I did not find anything. So I think maybe data recovery service. But that is for longer time to work on that.

      I am also taking to my friend what to do about this situation due this hard disk failure.

  22. Well done Jon, I visit your site regularly to see if anything’s happening – I hope we can get away on our summer holiday this year! If you want to get published why don’t you self-publish? Otherwise, if you want any help I may be able to assist.

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