Still quiet in Iceland

It is continues to be quiet in Iceland in regards to earthquakes. Just small earthquakes swarms have been taking place in Krýsuvík volcano and in Hengill volcano.

Sadly I currently don’t have a time to write an decent blog post about other interesting things in Icelandic geology or historic eruptions in Iceland (translated to english). But if nothing interesting happens, I plan to do so next weekend.

Other: My plans are not going as I planned. I am only going to be in school until the end of this year (starting from August) since I cannot afford it (yea, I am that broke). But school is going to give me more time to write on this blog rather then I am not working. In the new year of 2012 I am just going to do what I do so well now. Write, and write some more on this blog and a book or two. But I don’t think that I can manage to write more then that in one year.

I also want to thank my readers for this patents for the lack of updates and blog post this summer. As I am working all days now, except weekends from 08:15 to 16:15 UTC. It is an hard work that makes me tired, so I don’t have an lot of energy to write after the day.

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  1. So Jón, how about just a weekly short post unless something happens that wakes us all up – that way you can save ideas and energy. [And anyway, it’s not July 1 yet, so you are already ahead! : ) ]

  2. Good luck with your new job Jon.
    What is your job? I hope you have something interesting to do.

    Mýrdalsjökull seems to have quietened back to normal again, or have I spoken too soon?

    1. My job is to cut grass and to do other stuff. It is an low paying job that I have. But this just to solve the debt issue that I currently have.

      I am only going to be in this job for this summer. As I am going to publish my first book next year (around July or August). The second books that I hope release next year is going to be published in November or December next year.

      I’ve been doing the number, for me. It pays to be an writer and write about what I like.

      1. At least it’s helping to pay something towards the bills Jon, you must be getting a bit of a tan working outdoors. Everytime i’ve been out in the sun in Iceland i’ve always caught the sun, even during a winter visit! I go a ‘nice’ shade of red! 🙂 Stick at it & things should get better!

      2. Grass is of the Earth, cutting it is good for the soul.
        I cut trees, good for the soul also. Pay poor too, just like grass.
        Perhaps one day I write a book too. Maybe.
        Good luck with your book. Iceland is where the action is. The world will read I think. The volcanic activity of Iceland is very interesting.

        By the way changing the subject, if I may. Is your friend Gummie the 4X4 still blogging and driving the most dangerous places imaginable, I seem to have lost his link somewhere?
        Whilst EJ was erupting he was very interesting to follow.

      3. Thanks about the book. But what I am doing is just expanding on the blog writing into an different format.

        But I plan to write sci-fi books, among other things also.

        I don’t know Gummi blog. But maybe google can find it for you.

      4. Ever consider selling blood plasma? I’ve done this during tough times in my life. You get paid, and you save people’s lives. It’s not so bad.

      5. I also know folks who did it to buy liquor. The plasma donation paid for the alcohol, and it lowered their blood volume, making the alcohol have a greater effect!

      6. Just had a look at Gina’s link, i’ve just realised i met him last year while i were in Iceland just a few days after Eyjafjallajokull stopped erupting!

  3. @ Worzel
    I was born in Burnham on Sea a little after that possible Tsunami. I also later lived in South Devon so know area down there. Yeah strange mini Tsunami. But there were no recordings on the BGS helicorders That little wave ran along the south coast and even an underwater slip causing that much displacement should have left some vibrations somewhere.

    @Jon. I tried to send a private email to you but was unsuccessful. Could you send me your email that works please?

    1. Thanks Diana, did anyone see the early morning Noctilucent clouds today? Can they be seen from Iceland Jon or is there a bit too daylight? Writing a Sci Fi book Jon, sounds interesting.

  4. @ Gina. Thank you for Gummiey’s link.
    I see he did not cover Grímsvötn, he seems to have stopped blogging.
    The best things never last it seems.

    1. How do you figure? From what I can read Godabunga has been slightly falling since January this year, approx. ~17mm

  5. Sunday
    03.07.2011 20:09:32 64.789 -17.166 3.4 km 2.2 90.01 2.2 km ENE of Kistufell
    03.07.2011 10:20:17 64.675 -17.282 8.7 km 1.9 99.0 12.3 km SSW of Kistufell
    Is this wind too?

    1. No. This are earthquakes. Wind and ocean waves create an rising pattern in the tremor plot. It also falls when there is less wind. Earthquakes create spikes in the tremor plot.

  6. I am going to write an new blog post when I have the time. But my schedule is rather dense with all the work. I am also writing an short story of 20 pages for an special event in Hvammstangi town this month, it is an art festival so to speak.

  7. Krisuvik seems to be grumbling still! is not working for me at the moment along with one or two other Mila webcams.
    @Rick. I go along with Pieter. There was a rise early in the year but it is now falling. Can anyone tell me if the weight of the ice on these glaciers can have an effect on these readings and produce seasonal changes? Or are the measurements made away from heavy ice cover?

  8. @Jon:

    Check ISAK and HAUD graphs for GPS position. Someone noticed the bump approx. at at 2011.44 a while ago but there were no changes in other directions by then. Now we have a simultaneous movement to W at Isakot, and to S at Haukadalur. What’s up, Ms Hekla?

    1. I noticed it too! Increased inflation all of the sudden, very very interesting, let’s see what happens.

  9. That’s interesting news from Hekla. Maybe she is not as unpredictable as expected?
    Let’s keep watching.

  10. Regarding inflation at Hekla. I am not sure if I can see anything extraordinary.

    But looking at SOHO in the southwest part of Myrdalsjökull I definitely see something rising. 🙂
    The annual uplift has been around 10-20 cm but since 2011 (jan) the uplift has been over 40cm and still going.
    Nothing special in the East / North component though.

  11. The Hekla inflation is interesting but I recall we all looked at a situation like this some weeks or a couple of months ago (if my memory serves me correct) where nothing happened, but I guess every time this occurs Hekla might just be preparing for a big show.

    I believe some of the fastest uplift could be in Oldufell on the north-east side of Katla towards Eldgja. It looks like it has risen 40-50 mm in the last 3 months.

    Of course given the holes in the data it might just be a hardware malfunction but it definately looks interesting!

  12. re southern Iceland GPS stations … they all seem to be suddenly showing some movement .. is this some kind of noise ???

  13. Was it really a false alarm? Can someone explane what is happening or is anything extraordinary happening at all?

    1. I think Hekla did not inflate. All the data points were still more or less equal within the error bars. I just noticed the sharp rise together with horizontal movement. Should have waited for a few days more. I guess it was really just increased flow in the river due to heavy rains.

      If Hekla really inflated that fast, it would erupt soon!

  14. Jon, do you know what was those increases in inflation at Hekla and at Oldufell (Katla NE)?

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