Still quiet in Iceland

It is continues to be quiet in Iceland in regards to earthquakes. Just small earthquakes swarms have been taking place in Krýsuvík volcano and in Hengill volcano.

Sadly I currently don’t have a time to write an decent blog post about other interesting things in Icelandic geology or historic eruptions in Iceland (translated to english). But if nothing interesting happens, I plan to do so next weekend.

Other: My plans are not going as I planned. I am only going to be in school until the end of this year (starting from August) since I cannot afford it (yea, I am that broke). But school is going to give me more time to write on this blog rather then I am not working. In the new year of 2012 I am just going to do what I do so well now. Write, and write some more on this blog and a book or two. But I don’t think that I can manage to write more then that in one year.

I also want to thank my readers for this patents for the lack of updates and blog post this summer. As I am working all days now, except weekends from 08:15 to 16:15 UTC. It is an hard work that makes me tired, so I don’t have an lot of energy to write after the day.