Book about Icelandic geology

It is always good to know more. This book here offers basics details into Icelandic geology and what is the driving force behind it. This book is on my “to buy when I have the money” list. So I am not going to claim that I have read it.

I think that this book is good for people how want to know little more about Iceland and it’s geology. The Amazon review on this book is good.

This is an lame sale pitch in an attempt to earn me some money with Amazon UK sale programs. I get 5% of what the book sells on.

This is an off-topic blog post.

Blog post updated at 09:22 UTC on 26. June 2011.

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  1. Looks interesting, i did see in the used section someone is selling this book for £86.35! I know it’s dispached from NY, United States but…
    Jon i know you are busy with your job but are you any nearer to your e-book?

  2. I’ve read it. And I had Armand in a couple of courses – great teacher. Most def a recommended read.

  3. My e-book about Eyjafjallajökull eruption is on the 2013 plan at the moment. It might move around an bit if the progress of the other books that I plan to write goes well.

    At the moment I am planning my writing schedule with current ideas. That is a lot more work then many people think.

    Edit: Oops, wrong year. Corrected now.

  4. @ Jon
    Thank you for that sample chart. I now know what to watch for . A chart like that could certainly not be overlooked!
    Very hot afternoon here in the UK for a change and the family has invited themselves over for a BBQ.
    Enjoy what is left of the weekend everyone.

    1. Bit too hot for me done here in Somerset Diana, still 29c as i type this! It’s nice but wouldn’t want it too last for too long! (sorry about the off topic) . I do remember previous summer trips to Iceland where it was pretty hot (26c) but at least it was a different heat (but it was still nice to be near the cooling spray from Skogafoss waterfall!!).

  5. OOps! I seem to have posted in the wrong place! I get easily confused these days.
    I apologise.
    It was with reference to a chart just prior to Grimsvotn eruption. It is what us amateurs should be looking for.
    <<<<< Goes back to the quiet corner and takes her medication!!

  6. The weather has been extremely windy today. Lots of ash blown in the air from Vatnajokull. It was foggy during the day.

    It seems to be a tremor event at Katla though.

      1. Thank you Jon for the explanation. I was about to ask if the That SIL had been taken over by the New Zealanders as it was upside down! Strange goings on indeed!

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