Quiet in Iceland. Picture of Grímsfjall volcano new crater lake

It has been quiet in Iceland. Some minor earthquake swarms have taken place. But they where all less then 50 earthquakes with sizes for most part less then ML3.0. So this is going to be an short blog post.

At Eruptions at BigThink Erik did link to an interesting picture of the aftermath of last eruption in Grímsfjall volcano.

Due to how quiet it is in Iceland. I am not going to have this blog post longer. But on other note, I am going to make fewer blog post this summer since I am working during the day and I am really tiered after I finish working. But I am going to due my best in keeping new blog post coming.

12 Replies to “Quiet in Iceland. Picture of Grímsfjall volcano new crater lake”

  1. IMO tremor graphs have not updated since 10 something this morning?

  2. Is it normal for a lake of that size to be left behind after a Grimsvotn eruption?

    1. I think yes. On Eyjafjallajökull it was the same. In order for the crater is still ice. And that will melt from the high temperatures to vaporize without immediately. And a lake formed in the crater.

  3. In a few years, the lake in Eyjafjallajokull will be a turistic attraction, much as are now the crater lakes in Askja and in Krafla, still warm from their eruptions decades ago.

    Its a great picture of the new lake in Grimsvotn, Jon!

  4. I think IMO has updated tremor plots.
    Lagu Hvolar shows a sharp rise. Winds?

  5. The picture looks as though there may perhaps have been pyroclastic flow down the valley. Does anyone know?

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