Earthquake swarm in Presthnjúkar volcano. Update on Katla volcano

Presthnjúkar volcano: Few days ago an earthquake swarm did start in Presthnjúkar volcano. This earthquake swarm is entirely tectonic in nature. There is nothing that suggests that this earthquake swarm is connected to magma movements inside Presthnjúkar volcano system. So far this earthquake swarm has been slow and small. But the largest earthquakes have gone up to ML3.3 in size according to Icelandic Met Office.

The location of current earthquake swarm in Presthnjúkar volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Katla volcano: Over the last 18 hours it has been quiet in Katla volcano. As no more earthquakes have been detected from it. I would not be surprised if there are more earthquakes swarms in Katla volcano in the next few weeks and months. It is an well known fact that Katla volcano is heading to an eruption. But nobody knows when that is going to happen.

Location of the earthquakes in Katla volcano yesterday. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Besides this two highlights of earthquake activity in Iceland. It has been rather quiet in the past few weeks. With just from ~100 to ~300 earthquakes during the week.

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  1. The same peak could be seen also at stations around Hekla. Any big quakes in the rest of the planet?

  2. @ Jon
    some times the screws that hold devices assembled are hidden under the little rubber feet try taking them off and see if the screw’s are hidden

  3. @ Lady Bunion I have no reason, apart from interest, for viewing this information. I am not inclined to use passwords and user names from anyone other than the official site owners. I guess they wish to protect the integrity and security of the site as much as possible.

    1. @ Diana Barnes – the username and password are on the page above the boxes where you have to fill them in… hardly secure!

  4. Was there an update this evening? I can’t find it just thought I read there was

  5. The spikes around Katla are very likely harmonic tremor.
    Each day I am more convinced of it. The weather is amazingly good and calm here in South Iceland! Almost no wind, sunny and clear skies, and rather warm. I can even see Myrdalsjokull from my home, at the distance, without clouds there.

    1. I didn’t say the 5+ in New Zealand caused the spike that’s very unlikely, just answered the question someone asked about quakes. There’s been a few 6+ today as well but don’t think they are big enough to register all over.

  6. The NZ quake didn’t show up on Tennant Creek -Aus, Hobart – Tasmania or any of the many helicorders in the UK. So I would say it is very unlikely the NZ quake is the reason for the spike in Iceland.

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