General update of earthquake activity in Iceland and other things

Here is finally an new blog post from me. This week has been busy. As I did move to Hvammstangi again for this summer. But I did move to Iceland on the 5. June 2011. But just for the next 1 to 3 years, depending on how things goes for me. My work is hard, so I might not often have energy to write new blog post during the week. But I am going to do my best.

Now, the earthquake information on what has been going on in Iceland for the past two weeks or so.

Katla volcano: Even after the harmonic tremor pulse last week. Nothing special has been going on in Katla volcano. But it did come to my attentions that Icelandic Met Office did notice that in Week 23 there have been explosions (mine for road work in the area). So when an “earthquake” appears in that area. It means that an mine explosion have taken place in that area. I do not know when they are going to stop mining operations in this area.

Presthnjúkar: There continues some earthquake activity in the Presthnjúkar area. This earthquake activity appears to be tectonic and nothing else. The latest earthquake swarm taking place there appear to be starting tonight. It is hard to be sure how it is going to develop over the past few hours.

Other: There is currently not a lot other thing going on in Iceland.

I hope to make an better post tomorrow. When I am well rested and focused.