Summer plan, Denmark, PayPal and other information

Summer: I am now going to start working in few days. I think that this work is from 08:00 to 17:00 every day. So updates might be an bit few while I am working. But I am going to do my best to cover what happens in earthquakes in volcanoes while I am working. But I am working so that I can pay down my debt faster then I normally would have done with just my welfare benefits that I get in Iceland. I need to pay down my debt, as it has gotten quite high since I was unable to make my living in Denmark at current time.

Denmark: I plan to moving back to Denmark in about 2 to 3 years time. But Iceland is not my place in terms of culture and people. That is just the way it is. While Iceland is my place in terms of geology that is just not enough for me. But before I move back to Denmark, I am going to have the income that supports my living in Denmark. My plan is that I am going to move to Copenhagen and live there for infinite amount of time. I might move to Portugal at later date (10 years later?), but at the moment that is just an idea that I am exploring for the moment. Nothing might happen with that idea when it comes down to it.

PayPal: I have given up on having credit card in Iceland. So I am closing it down from July. This means that I also am going to close down my PayPal account, as it is connected to my Icelandic credit card. But do not worry about this. I plan to open up an new PayPal account and connect it to my danish card. That is more easy, as it is technically not an credit card. But still can be used on the internet for paying for stuff like normal credit card. If people understand what I am meaning. This process is going to take few days until it is fully completed. When it is done, the PayPal donations buttons are going to appear again on this web site.

Other: I don’t think that there is other information. I forgot what I was going to write here, so it cannot have been important for me. But if it, then I am just going to post update here about it.

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  1. I wish you best of luck with your job, and I hope you’ll have some financial stability soon! 🙂

    1. I am thankfully about to gain some stability in regards to financial matters. But it won’t be an a lot of stability until I get better income from other then welfare. So I am going to have some work to be done ahead of me.

      I do not yet know when my first ebook comes out. But I am going start an book blog about my ebooks that I am going to publish in the future.

      1. As we are all too aware, the bills need paying! Hope this job helps ‘keep the wolf from the door’. Best of luck from me also.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Jón.
    Let us know the news from Iceland.
    Good luck!

      1. You should have moved to Finland instead: It is currently 31 degrees celcius at same latitude than Reykjavik 🙂

      2. I remember being on a day trip in North Iceland in mid june a few years ago & there were wet snow showers, when i flew back to Reykjavik later that day the weather couldn’t have been more different (bright sunshine).

      3. Even more ironic: July 2010 I was walking through the Torfajökull area wearing nothing but trousers and a t-shirt, when I passed by a memorial of a person who was frozen to death in a snowstorm, exactly 2 years earlier (July 2008).

  3. I planned to make an blog post with pictures today. But due to an slow internet connection at my parents place I was unable to do so.

    1. Indeed Rick, very interesting and again an EQ MW 1.7 at 11,4 km depth!place

      1. I saw a 4×4 with some people, placing equipment around the webcam, aroud 21:30 GMT last night. Maybe updating the webcam or is there sensors around that part?

      2. Could be a contest! qe is! ?????
        not attached to the lens, slide the glass water

      3. “I saw a 4×4 with some people, placing equipment around the webcam, aroud 21:30 GMT last night.”

        Around here, if you see someone in a 4 x 4 late at night near some equipment… it’s usually someone stealing an air conditioner. (copper)

      4. Anyone caught stealing my A/C here in Phoenix, AZ (115 avg summer temp) is going to get a hot copper sig.

  4. Good luck Jon. You do very important work, yet get paid little for it. I hope that changes for you.

    1. Sadly this is true. I do not get paid enough from this to live in Denmark at current time. But I hope that is going to change soon.

  5. Please note that this is the messages on the Icelandic Met Office web page. The old web pages are also not updating.

    IMO web and other services are currently unavailable.
    We apologize for the inconveniences.
    We expect to have our services running by midnight UTC.

  6. @pieter
    I believe so .. lot of activity at kolumba(sp?) submarine volcano 20km ? e.n.e of Santorini a year or two ago also

    1. Colombo Bank it’s called. 😉
      Yeah I read about that, some M4+’s occured in 2009 along with inflation. But what is so appealing to me is the seismicity within Santorini’s caldera, the number of earthquakes are extraordinary and it’s rather persistent. On average 3-4 earthquakes a day, with some days that have over 20 (!!) earthquakes in 24h.

      These records go back to about march this year, and since then there is a clear increase in activity. I’m really curious about the cause.

      1. I also seem to remember something about a failed eruption at Santorini volcano a few decades ago

      2. You mean after the 1956 earthquake? I read about that, it could be that this earthquake was tectonic in origin than magmatic.

  7. I am doing an update to the ads on this site. I am adding few more Amazon ads. Please let me know if you hate it. But this is how I get paid for me work here besides donations.

    But it is not my plan to change this web site into an subscription web site, as some people have suggested that I do because it has many hits (I have no idea or not if it is popular or not).

      1. I already have two Amazon Ads from Amazon UK. One small and one large. I might change the smaller one today into something more useful.

  8. Saturday
    11.06.2011 11:07:17 65.122 -16.437 6.2 km -0.2 78.91 4.5 km NNW of Herðubreiðartögl
    11.06.2011 11:05:33 65.098 -16.474 11.7 km 0.7 90.01 4.3 km WNW of Herðubreiðartögl
    11.06.2011 10:51:37 65.124 -16.436 8.3 km 0.5 90.01 4.7 km NNW of Herðubreiðartögl
    11.06.2011 10:39:53 65.105 -16.448 10.9 km 0.7 90.01 3.5 km NW of Herðubreiðartögl
    11.06.2011 08:58:46 65.099 -16.483 11.9 km 0.8 99.0 4.7 km WNW of Herðubreiðartögl
    11.06.2011 08:33:05 65.120 -16.440 8.1 km 1.0 99.0 4.4 km NW of Herðubreiðartögl
    Swarm here…

    1. Also: recently there was an article in a Dutch newspaper about how they recently started to observe Hekla from space, they explained that the ground movements are far more accurate that the GPS stations on the ground. Also they showed pictures of the mountain “swelling” since 2000.

    2. This is interesting. This area appears to be lifting up rather fast. This is worth watching for sure.

      I have not seen this type of inflation before in this area.

      1. Indeed, that’s what I thought. I wouldn’t go up that mountain right now..

    3. I’d be cautious to call this inflation. The trend is definitely there, but it’s still within unchanged the 3-sigma error bars.

  9. Bit of a long shot really, but I noticed a few black “balls” on a garden chair today, uneven size of around 1mm and not perfectly spherical. Is there any chance they are from Grimsvotn? I’m in the UK Midlands.

    1. I have absolutely no knowledge of this, but couldn’t that be remains of a small asteroid?

      1. You should take it to a geological or natural historical instution or something, the might know more since my knowledge about this is about zero. I once did saw a documentary about how often small remnants of asteroids are found on roofs etc. It also said that if you have an average-sized flat roof, there is probably enough asteroid dust on it to form a tennisball-sized rock.

      2. I’ve done a bit of googling – this stuff is not magnetic and it is opaque and glassy on the inside (it isn’t easy to file something that small!) so I don’t think it is space stuff, but never mind. Thanks for your ideas!

      3. I’ve heard at earth accretes around a tonne of material per day, doesn’t sound like much but imagine that over 1000 (or even 1 million) years!

    2. Not meaning to dampen the prospects of what it is… but also consider that it could also be soot from a power plant. I remember an event in Mayport FL when one of the older steam plant ships was lighting off it’s boilers. They horked the lightoff sequence and a THICK black, oily cloud formed over the ship. It drifted across the harbor and descended on the Quarter Deck of on of the spiffy new Gas Turbine ships that was moored there. It was summer, and the deck watch was wearing summer whites…. well, they were until the smoke got there. After that the uniforms were speckled gray.

  10. I don’t see anything happening in Askja. But there was an earthquake swarm in Herðubreiðartöglum, an area that is known for earthquake activity.

  11. Back to the weather bit above – it snowed in Wales today as well though the skies have been mostly clear and it has been unseasonably cold for a few days. Good luck Jon with the new job.

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