Summer plan, Denmark, PayPal and other information

Summer: I am now going to start working in few days. I think that this work is from 08:00 to 17:00 every day. So updates might be an bit few while I am working. But I am going to do my best to cover what happens in earthquakes in volcanoes while I am working. But I am working so that I can pay down my debt faster then I normally would have done with just my welfare benefits that I get in Iceland. I need to pay down my debt, as it has gotten quite high since I was unable to make my living in Denmark at current time.

Denmark: I plan to moving back to Denmark in about 2 to 3 years time. But Iceland is not my place in terms of culture and people. That is just the way it is. While Iceland is my place in terms of geology that is just not enough for me. But before I move back to Denmark, I am going to have the income that supports my living in Denmark. My plan is that I am going to move to Copenhagen and live there for infinite amount of time. I might move to Portugal at later date (10 years later?), but at the moment that is just an idea that I am exploring for the moment. Nothing might happen with that idea when it comes down to it.

PayPal: I have given up on having credit card in Iceland. So I am closing it down from July. This means that I also am going to close down my PayPal account, as it is connected to my Icelandic credit card. But do not worry about this. I plan to open up an new PayPal account and connect it to my danish card. That is more easy, as it is technically not an credit card. But still can be used on the internet for paying for stuff like normal credit card. If people understand what I am meaning. This process is going to take few days until it is fully completed. When it is done, the PayPal donations buttons are going to appear again on this web site.

Other: I don’t think that there is other information. I forgot what I was going to write here, so it cannot have been important for me. But if it, then I am just going to post update here about it.