Earthquake swarm in South Langjökull volcano and Krýsuvík volcano

Today has been spotted with earthquake swarms in Iceland. This earthquake swarms have not been big so far in both terms of earthquakes and size of the earthquakes. With the biggest earthquakes in South Langjökull volcano (Presthnjúkar). The biggest earthquakes in South Langjökull volcano have been around ML2.5 in size. With the average depth of 10 to 5 km. Total number of earthquakes is something around 39 and that is an small earthquake swarm.

The area in question is known for earthquake activity. Few years ago there was an earthquake swarm in this area with several ML4.0+ earthquakes. This area did also see earthquake swarm earlier this year. So far nothing suggests that an eruption is close in this area.

Map from Icelandic Met Office showing the area with the earthquake swarm. Click on the picture to get full size. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Krýsuvík volcano did also have an minor earthquake swarm today. The largest earthquake in Krýsuvík volcano was ML2.1 with the depth of 3.9 km. So far this earthquake swarm has been an minor one. With just over 32 earthquakes happening today.

Other earthquake activity in Iceland is currently not an lot. A ML3.1 earthquake took place few days ago in TFZ in an area that commonly has earthquake swarms. That area does not have any volcanoes, so earthquakes there are only connected to faults in the fault lines in that area.

Blog post updated at 23:29 UTC on 7. June 2011.
Blog post updated at 23:35 UTC on 7. June 2011.