Ash cloud confirmed from Grímsfjall volcano

A eruption ash cloud has been confirmed from Grímsfjall volcano. I do not know how high it currently is. But Icelandic news is reporting that the cloud is rising fast and high (estimated 3000 – 4000 meters and rising). Explosions have been seen from good distance.

Update 1: They estimate that there are 10 to 12 hours until the glacier flood appears from this eruption. The ash cloud can be tracked with lighting map here.

News about this.

Strókur rís hátt yfir Grímsvötnum (Rú, picture)
Tíu til tólf klukkutímar í hlaup (Rú, new picture)
Allir viðbragðsaðilar komnir af stað vegna gossins (Ví, Picture)
Mjög öflug gosstöð (, New picture)

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Sharp increase in harmonic tremors in Grímsfjall volcano

Something is happening at Grímsfjall volcano. The SIL seismomter on Grímsfjall volcano is shows a sharp increase in harmonic tremors in Grímsfjall volcano. It also appears that earthquake activity in increasing in Grímsfjall volcano.

I do believe (based on the data so far) that a eruption is about to start in Grímsfjall volcano. I am going to post more updates on this when I know more. But please note that I might be wrong. But this is what the data suggests so far.

Minor lack of updates when moving back to Iceland

While I am moving back to Iceland there is going to be a minor lack of updates. But while everything is quiet this should not really change a lot. But if anything happens it is not guaranteed that I can post information about it right away.