Earthquake swarm close to Geirfuglasker on Reykjanes Ridge

Today at 15:08 UTC a earthquake swarm did start close to Geirfuglaskeri on Reykjanes Ridge. This earthquake swarm has so far been small, with the largest earthquake having the automatic size ML2.4 with the depth of 10 km.

So far this earthquake swarm has remained small. But it is unclear if this earthquake swarm is going to continue. But there was a break in this earthquake swarm from 16:12 UTC too 18:55 UTC. But I did think that this earthquake swarm was over, until it did start again.

It is impossible to know if this earthquake swarm is over or not.

2 Replies to “Earthquake swarm close to Geirfuglasker on Reykjanes Ridge”

  1. How would it be possible to know (not saying that it is) if such an earthquake swarm at sea is magmatic in origin? Just untill the actual eruption? (Since there is no gps-data or other measurement equipment located)

    1. I would not know this. But the only earthquake that I did record from this earthquake swarm did look tectonic in origin rather then magnetic in origin. But that might not actually say anything in the long run.

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