Interesting earthquakes north of Askja volcano

There is a interesting cluster of earthquakes north of Askja volcano. What is most interesting is the fact that this earthquakes are shallow This cluster of earthquakes is most interesting for the fact that it is shallow. The depth of the earthquakes is from 8.4 km and up to 0.1 km (~100 meters). This suggests that this is a dike intrusion is making. But appears to be growing slowly (a bit unclear at the moment however). But at this time it is impossible to know if this possible dike intrusion makes it too the surface or not.

History tells that it is not unclear for Askja volcano to erupt in small fissures. But that last happened in the Askja eruption in the year 1961.

Currently it is unclear what is going on north of Askja volcano. But this is for sure evolving into something in my opinion. But the question remains how long this is going to take. But this process has already been ongoing now for about 14 months and counting.