Quiet scene goes into third week

The quiet scene that has been taking place in Iceland over the last two weeks is still ongoing and is now entering it’s third week. Over the last two week there have been less then 300 earthquakes during a single week. In Iceland that is quiet.

All volcanoes in Iceland have mostly been quiet. But there was a unconfirmed earthquake swarm in Grímsfjall volcano. But due to extremely bad weather it was not observed properly by the SIL network. North of Iceland there also has been a unconfirmed earthquake swarm. This earthquake swarm is somewhere north of Kolbeinsey volcano. But due to distance and bad weather it is unknown how big it was. But the largest earthquakes that have appeared on the SIL network did manage to go up to ML3.0 in size. But that is mostly a underestimate on the size of this event. But underestimate on a earthquake size happens when it is far from SIL network and not properly recorded due that.

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  1. A deep earthquake near Eldgjá, which bring the question to my mind: are there any faults in this dead area between Katla/Torfajökull and the Vatnajökull?

    1. Eruptions in this area (Laki, Eldgjá) are most likely due to dike intrusions that get up to the surface from Grímsfjall volcano and Katla volcano. Dike intrusions are both hard to predict and make it impossible to know when that type of a eruption takes place in Iceland.

      But there are no volcanoes in this area that are known today (but how knows what might be hiding there).

      A new ML1.2 earthquake took place WSW of Laki. I find the increase in earthquake activity in this area really interesting and I am monitoring it.

      1. There are just dike faults in this area far as I know, but I might be wrong on that (I am no expert). But the east rift zone is forming in this area. But it is far from matured fully as I understand it.

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