Possibility of dike intrusion in Hamarinn volcano

It appears that there is a chance of a dike intrusion in Hamarinn volcano (Loki-Fögrufjöll area). What suggest that there is a dike intrusion starting in Hamarinn volcano is a earthquake swarm that is unusually dense and has a really narrow area. But normal earthquake swarms usually spread over a small area in the align of the fault line.

How this is developing is a good question. But due to lack of earthquakes it is hard to know for sure at the moment. But at the moment it is worth to keep eye on Hamarinn volcano area.

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  1. How about this one:
    16:56:36 64.511 -17.709 10.6 km 1.9 99.0 5.5 km ENE of Hamarinn

    Pretty deep, isn’t it?

    1. This is about the same depth as the magma chamber in this volcano I think. There are more smaller earthquakes that appear on the Skrokkalda SIL station. But they don’t appear on the automatic SIL map.

  2. Yes, a lot is happening about 10km deep, and a 2.6 quake at little more than 2 km deep.
    This belongs to Bardarbunga fissure!
    Way to go!

    But could be just a dike intrusion, nothing else.

  3. And now this:
    20:23:38 64.619 -16.645 2.8 km 1.5 90.02 2.3 km SSW of Kverkfjöll
    Vatnajökull i back for the party!

      1. Kverkfjöll, Hammarin, Grímsfjal and then comes Bardarbunga.
        What a formidable blend, all hidden beneath the largest glacier in Iceland…

  4. I have made a agreement with my self. If Iceland does not work out due to economic reasons and when I have proper income to support it and to buy a house in that area (rather then renting) (when I am off social welfare). I am going to move to Germany West Eifel Volcanic Field. When this happens I am not sure on. But it is going to take few years until it is clear what is going to happen in regards to this new plan.

    It might take 10 years or it might take a shorter time. But I am at least going to finish school in Iceland, and that is going to take good few years to finish. Since I am going to learn so many fields (electronics (with working rights), metal working, ship engines right (B class), ship controls).

    I just that you should know about this minor plan change. 🙂

    1. Quite nice plans… Coherent and solid. Wish you better life & income in the future!

    2. It is a better plan then I currently did try to work out. I plan to publish my first ebook in March or April winter 2012. That hopefully is going to give me some increased income.

      It is also going to be published in print edition if I can publish it that way.

      1. Problem with camping in Iceland are the winds, I suppose.
        The average is so high!

      2. We lost two tents in Iceland: one last year with a storm on Heimaey and one at Skaftafell camping and one in 2009 with a very heavy storm at Skaftafell camping.
        1 km from the campsite there was a camper blown off the road on its side!

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