Asking for donations again because of income problem

As I can’t afford living in Denmark under the current circumstances due to low income, I am going to need your help (my readers) while I have to live here. But I am going to move back to Iceland in early June. Until that happens I have to make it trough April and May here in Denmark. But I do not know how May is going to turn out, because then the bill for the electric is going to come. I think that it is going to be high as electricity is expensive here in Denmark.

When all bills have been paid this month. I am going to have ~20.000 ISK left. But that is ~123€, ~174$ and ~917 DKK to live off the entire April here in Denmark. But I don’t think that can be done. The current status is a little bit better then what did happen in March. But the difference is not a big one.

Thanks for the support and the help.

Text updated at 15:41 CEST on 1. April 2011. Title updated and minor changes to the text.

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  1. Times are tough, business is rough and you got a alot of nerve constantly asking for a hand out. Get some self respect and get a job, the bank is dry.

    1. I suspect your audience will now leave in droves this time and not just some people here and there the last time you begged for money.

      1. It has been a quiet time in Iceland for several weeks now. That is why traffic is slow.

        It is going to increase again when the next earthquake swarm starts or a new eruption happens. Because then I am going to provide information too people how want to know what is going on in Iceland.

    2. How about you start to get some respect for other people to start with. Then we can talk. Until then I have nothing worth saying to you.

      1. I agree with you Jón,

        You can always ask for a donation, since you run a very well documented and interesting site.
        To everyone who feels the same way as Sam P. seems to do: you are FREE to give money (donate); nor Jón, nor anybody else forces you to GIVE money.
        Jón, I will try to donate some money (€ 10,00) this weekend to you; I know it isn’t much, but as we say in Holland: “all little bits help”.
        Good luck to you!

        Henk Weijerstrass

  2. Jón, when you have a blog you are exposed and, therefore, must be prepared to hear nasty comments.
    But nothing can tarnish the excellence of this forum.
    I hope to receive early next week and you can count on my donation.
    Thanks again.

    1. I know that trolling happens from time to time on this type of blogs.
      But thankfully my problems are only going to last until June. But after that it is going to get better for me I hope.

      Thanks for the support.

      (comment updated a little bit)

  3. I do hope that you can fare better days Jon.
    I totally understand you. I have been without a job for more than 2 years already

    Donations are not the easiest way to have a reliable and sustained income.

    My advice would be to apply for a grant to support your volcanism and geology interest and research. And finding a part-time in the meanwhile, balancing having a confortable happy life with frugal living.

    1. And I am sure you will get some good job. You are good in the stuff that you like and apply your time (geology), and therefore it is just a question of time to people recognizing that, and make a contract with you.

      1. To get a job in geology I need to be a doctor, master or a phd. I am far away from that at the moment.

        But when I finish that. I can apply for a good job in that field.

  4. Try coming to the US. Most graduate schools give stipends, especially if you teach. Your English is good enough, and our West has quite a few volcanoes. (and don’t forget Alaska) Canada has a few, too, and many of their universities give stipends.

    In the meantime, google “freegans” for some info on how to live for free on what other people waste. And if that’s not your style then rice, beans, eggs, and ramen noodles are a good idea.

    1. One day I will go to the U.S. But just as a tourist and to look at volcanoes. Thankfully it is easy to buy cheap food here in Denmark. But for that I need a little bit more money then I currently have.

      In the worst case outcome I am just going to ask my bank for a minor loan to cover the rest of this month if I have to.

      My plan now is to live in Iceland and work there when I am done with school.

      I am going to get a work this summer. So I can get some more money and pay down my debt with my bank. Next winter is going to be all about the school. I will post a bit more information when this get closer to happen. But first step is to move back to Iceland and that happens in early June.

      1. I’m not suggesting you move here permanently. There’s plenty of people who go to graduate school here, then move back to their home countries.

        I’m not sure if it’s the same in Europe, but here in the US, you can sell your blood plasma for about $200 a month (2 donations per week). Also look for opportunities such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow, or tutoring. (Maybe someone is trying to learn Icelandic.) Get creative!

        Then again, this blog is a creative source of income, isn’t it?

      2. P.S. The cost of living here can be quite low, too: You should be able to get a two-bedroom apartment for $500-$700 per month if you avoid the northeast and stay 100 miles from the West coast. I’m sure you’re paying double that where you live now.

      3. I need all types of permissions of I want to stay for long in the U.S. Not something that I have interesting going trough.

        I am just going to use my three month limit if I have to.

  5. Heya Jon

    I know it may not be an avenue you have explored but have you looked into the oil and gas industry, they are screaming out for geologists…. I live over in Aberdeen, Scotland and you would get started over here in a heart beat.

    Please keep up the good work.
    Good luck with everything.


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